Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Samantha's 3rd Grade Picture

I helped on picture day and they gave me a free package. Since I bought picture packages for Samantha for kindergarten and 1st grade, I figured I should use the package for Derrick this time. Samantha was happy since she got to choose her background in our yard. I enjoy taking their pictures and we had a time trying to keep Daisy out of it! At least the smiles were real because of the dog!
She would want me to mention that she made the flower clip at Activity Days. She is such a fun girl!

I finished the Marathon but didn't start it

This year my sister Diane ran the marathon with her friend. My sister in law Cheris ran it again and made good time. We saw her at the beginning but weren't fast enough for a photo and missed her at the end. We barely saw Diane and she ran over and stopped for a picture. Her legs cramped pretty bad for the end of the marathon and we were a little worried since the time was getting past what was average for her. Her friend ended up running ahead and we saw Diane alone come around the corner wishing for water (which we didn't have unfortunately). Her boys, my kids and I got up and ran with her the last few blocks to encourage her. I can say that I finished a marathon, but I didn't start it! I was glad we could be there for her. You never know how it is going to go when you run 26 miles and we are just grateful she was safe and able to finish. Way to go Cheris and Diane. Running a marathon is always a great accomplishment!


Kevin got sick of shaving, not that he has to shave as often as other men, but still he was tired of it. This is about 3-4 weeks of growth. Not bad and pretty patchy. It has improved over the years.
I don't mind the scruff look every once in a while but I don't like kissing the scruff look. He decided he wanted more kisses, so he shaved it off for that benefit. We had to document the scruff with a photo.

Daddy Daughter Camp

Since Kevin takes Derrick on the Father and Son camp out, he really wanted to take the girls on one too, especially since he loves camping. Derrick stayed home with me and we watched a movie and he ended up with a fever that night. He recovered the next day, fortunately. I don't sleep well without Kevin anyways...
The girls had a great time with dad sleeping in the back of the truck with the carpet kit. That's why Kevin has a carpet kit and it was great to see how pleased all of them were. They had to have hot chocolate in the morning to make it more special. I am just grateful that my husband wants to do fun things with our children and puts the effort in. I am really blessed to have a partner who cares about the important things in life!

2nd Subway Hike

All we had to do was call Wade and he set the whole thing up. We had to go during the week since it takes 3 months to get a permit for the weekend. We chose Thursday and tried to invite as many people we knew could possibly go. We ended up going with 6 in our group. It went a lot faster since we didn't have to wait so long to go through the hard spots. It was really a great hike and although the water was COLD, I was able to tolerate it better since I knew what I was in for. We found out from one of our friends that there is a hike that is similar to the Subway but you don't need a permit. We will have to do that and invite more people on a better day. I can't wait until the kids are big enough to go with us!!!

Derrick's First Tooth

Derrick is so excited! He lost his first tooth! It was wiggly and then it came out the next day. How's that for instant gratification! The tooth fairy forgot to come (she was BUSY) but remembered the next day and planted it beforehand to make sure it happened. Derrick went to bed and was reading his book for 30 minutes and reached under his pillow and found the money. He was so pleased that he said, "I was just reading and the tooth fairy came and I didn't even know!" We just giggled...

KayDee's in Preschool

The kids school opened a preschool this year and made it affordable! Yeah! KayDee goes to preschool twice a week and it is 3 hours!!! She loves it and is doing so well. She has two teachers, Teacher Marney and Teacher Sarah. I love that she has something productive to do during the week instead of being home in silence with me. She also started the music class and really likes being BIG!
KayDee and I try to do some fun stuff together and she needs to enjoy what the other kids got to do when they were four. We went to the splash pad one day after her preschool to have lunch and play. We pass it on the way to the school so it is always a topic of conversation. We finally made the splash pad happen.

Motorcycle Project

Kevin is working on a motorcycle so we can be more efficient with gas. It is definitely a project. We have requested a title and received it in a month (instead of the 60 days) and he has it running and is starting the painting. Maybe it will be ready by spring...

Kevin vs Walker Mower