Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taking Pictures

It is time to get another picture of my kids all together. I have noticed that I do take pictures of two of them together and alone, but not all three. Sam and Derrick also wanted to take pictures, so Derrick took one of the girls and Sam took one of me and Derrick together. If you notice, KayDee is actually puckering up. It was the only way I could get her to look at me and quit being bothered by the other kids. I thought it was sweet that she was pretty happy to kiss me from a distance.

Father's Day and Class Reunion

It isn't very often that I get to be with my side of the family for an event like Father's Day. It just so happened that my 10 year class reunion was the same weekend. The reunion went as great as a reunion could go. Unfortunately most of my friends were not there, but it was fun to see the few that did show up. Friday we had a dinner for just adults and then Saturday we met at an elementary school to play softball. I am so in mom mode, I brought a T-ball because I knew none of our kids were very old. I ended up moving 2 year olds away from the batters to safety, and helping the kids drop the bat and run toward first base instead of after the ball they just hit. We had a lot of fun, and my classmates were grateful their kids had something to do while they played softball.

Father's Day was fun since we got to see Suzy (Kevin's sister) and Jason. They took us to a park near their house that was really amazing, and they fed us lunch. We had fun chatting. Then we headed to my parent's house for the Father's Day dinner and the kids enjoyed being with their cousins, and I of course enjoyed being with my family. It was fun to actually see my Dad for the holiday.

Samantha and Derrick enjoyed the hot tub, instead of us this time around. For some reason, neither Kevin or I felt well enough to sit in it. We kept KayDee out for contamination reasons, but she was enjoying Grandma and Grandpa's yard.

Tag, Your It

Name 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions / collections, 3 random / surprising facts about yourself - then tag 3 people.
3 Joys
3 Fears
Not being a good mom
Getting hurt or having my family hurt
My husband will never stop collecting cars
3 Goals
Read to my kids more like I used to
Exercise to help my hormones!
Do more bottling/dehydrating with more of my orchard fruit
3 Current Obsessions
My newsletter
Saving Gas Money!
3 Random/Suprising Facts
I am not that surprising
I don't have my ears pierced
I gave my brain away to my children
This is my first tag so if I did it wrong, oh well. I guess I will tag LeAnn, Elisa, and Rachel.

Friday, June 20, 2008

KayDee's 2 Year Photo Shoot

With a lot of coaxing she finally smiled and looked at me at the same time!

2 Years Old

KayDee is now 2 and getting very independent. Although we haven't conquered potty training yet, she is her own person and she always knows what she wants.

We asked her if she wanted a butterfly cake or a lady bug cake, and she told us ladybug. She was not so sure about the birthday song we kept singing to her all day, but by the time the cake came out, she was all smiles. It was fun to see her so excited about the gifts we gave her, a twin size blanket (I give one to all my 2 year olds for their big beds) and a doll stroller. We had a very fun birthday party.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Toy Story

Derrick and Sam decided they wanted to play Toy Story. So of course, Derrick was Woody and Samantha was Jesse. Then they graciously said that KayDee could be Stinky Pete.

The Simple Joy of Water

Playing in the irrigation is every child's dream, at least it was mine. Although, the irrigation I played in was right next to a busy street coming from a grate in the road. I must say ours is much better and safer. It comes out of a pipe, making waterfalls, flooding the orchard. The pasture is also irrigated. We always look forward to irrigation day.
Summer is so fun for me because our yard is so alive. We have the fruit on the trees and everything is so green. We even got to eat some cherries this year, since the birds didn't eat them so fast.
The dog loves the water and races through it like he is pouncing. It is fun but not if you don't want to get wet!