Saturday, March 31, 2012


I finally remembered to take a picture. This is our house with the new pitched roof on it. I wish I would have taken a picture of the before flat roof because the comparison looks amazing. Kevin's parents were able to get the roof on our house in amazing time. We are so grateful they made this priority to help preserve the house. They were so gracious since their house needs some updates too!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinewood Derby

 Derrick went to his first Pinewood Derby and was so excited.
 Dad, Mom and Derrick worked on the car. Dad got it cut to the right shape. Derrick sanded it down for a couple of days and Mom helped paint it.
Derrick won every race except for one. That one track had a little more friction on it. But after racing the second place scout a few more times, we were sure he was first. He got first place overall and was able to go to the big race a few weeks later where he got a second and third place for the two he raced. He also was awarded best paint job.

Monday, March 26, 2012

House Work

This is where we go every weekend. We have come a long way since we started at the beginning of the year and we are close to getting the inspection done. We have moved walls, put in new windows, pulled out the old water pipe and replaced it with new pipe. We've put in new electrical boxes and moved wiring.
Fortunately we have had help from our families. My parents have come down a couple times to help with the electrical boxes and stringing new water pipe. DJ has put in our new braker box. Travis comes in now and then to help with whatever we may be doing at the time. We are so grateful for their help!
It's starting to look like a home and makes me more excited to move. We plan to finish the plumbing and the electrical so we can do the inspection. Next comes insulation and sheet rock.
The kids have done so well while we've been working long days. They spend their time watching movies, playing video games, playing outside, flying kites, digging in the dirt and doing dishes! We appreciate their help in keeping themselves busy and getting along so well with each other so we can concentrate on the house.
I'll post more updates as we go along.

Farm Weekends

 We have been going to the farm to work on our house every weekend and this weekend Samantha got a cut on her head. She and Derrick were helping their Uncle Travis wind up some line and the handle flipped back under strain and hit her in the head a couple of times. It was more scary than anything and she healed really quickly.
 We haven't taken pictures of our time over the weekend so we took some snapshots during dinner.
I just keep forgetting the camera so I took these with my cell phone so we would have a few.
 Yes, they have chipmunk cheeks full of dinner.
The kids do have fun while they are there and their cousin Dani is always thrilled to be with them.

Kevin's Birthday

 Kevin celebrated his birthday at the farm. The cell phone's camera had to do this round. I love how he uses those candles to warm his hands. We were at the farm for the weekend doing more work on our house there.
Kevin does such a great job providing for our family and meeting our needs. He's a great dad and husband and we are so lucky we get to be with him!