Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bitter Sweet

I have been Young Women's president for nearly 2 years and I was just released last Sunday. It has been Bitter Sweet for me. I have been so blessed and grateful I was able to fulfill my calling and to know that I did my best. I'm not sure what effect I had on those girls but I know it made my life better and I wouldn't trade it. Now I am excited to move on. Our ward has few people to fill callings so I knew I would go where the next presidency came from. I am going to teach the Valiant 9 class now and I am thrilled! 4 kids in the class and no Wednesday night activity. I can definitely do this one. I am super excited to study the Book of Mormon with them, since I always want to continue studying the scriptures. This perspective will be an adventure.

Many thanks to my wonderful councilors for supporting all we did the last two years. I would not have made it without them. It is sad we won't have that connection anymore. I will miss it. I welcome the next adventure, so lets get on with it!

29 and Holding

Kevin has started his annual 29th birthday. He has decided to follow his Dad's footsteps and hold on 29 for each birthday. I think it is a smart idea although I am just fine with getting old so I will continue with gaining candles for my birthday cake and he will only need 29. It does make me feel better that I will always be younger than him so at least I will have that on him. Besides, getting old is what we are supposed to do and I plan on doing it. Kevin tells me that I will feel different once the wrinkles overtake my body. Right now I plan on being proud of it since that will tell people how much I've lived. We'll see.
Happy Birthday!

Tickle Me Daddy!!!

Didn't we all want to be tickled at one point in time? We have all done it and we have all realized how it is only fun when we are kids. Although many of you may not have a husband that can't just "get even"-mine "gets ahead" (that's his motto), so you may like to be tickled still. Fortunately he can pick on his children and the best part is, they line up for it. I took this picture because KayDee just laid down next to Derrick and started laughing without even being touched. She has to join the fun and knows exactly what to do. Kevin has it all worked out. Since he is tired at night and the kids want to play, he has trained them to come to him and he doesn't have to hardly move anything but his arms. It is the thrill of the evening. I love that Kevin and the kids get to enjoy each other after a long day.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fixin' like Dad

Derrick has to get his tools out and fix stuff like Kevin. He recently discovered how he could be just like his dad since the 4-wheeler is broken and needs to be fixed. Example is powerful.

New Piano

I finally got a new piano. We had quite an ordeal last time we tried to get a piano so this was really exciting. We used some of our tax return to buy it and it is wonderful! It is digital and plays like an upright and that is what I wanted. The kids like it too, obviously.