Monday, May 4, 2009

Grandma's Wedding

Kevin's grandma got married on Tuesday, April 28 at his aunt's house. I dropped the kids off with a friend and picked Kevin up on his lunch break and we drove over. Kevin changed clothes in the car and we made pretty good time. We enjoyed the wedding and the luncheon and said good bye to get Kevin back to work again, changing clothes again. It worked out perfectly. I am excited to get to know Gary because he is really an interesting guy and he is very open and easy to talk to.
Kevin's grandpa died the same month Samantha was born. We happened to be in Salt Lake and were able to go to the hospital just before he died. The 2002 Winter Olympics were in Salt Lake and Kevin was working as a security guard for it while we lived in my grandparents basement (they were in St. George for the winter). I only knew Kevin's grandpa for about a year and I am happy that his grandma has found someone to spend some time with during the last piece of her life. Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa Gary!

BYU Graduate

I completely surprised my brother by driving up to his BYU graduation. I didn't tell anyone I was coming and I left my kids, thankfully, with Rachel and Sam was with a friend. It was so peaceful to drive all by myself, without having to tell children to wait or be quiet.
When I got there I was wondering if my plan was so brilliant because I couldn't find my family to sit by them. I just sat next to a girl who I chatted with during the long procession. I ran down to take pictures in the "picture area" and waited a long time while they announced the names out of order from the program.

Then Jake finally came, and I saw him hugging people a few feet away from me and so I hurried and said hi to him when he passed me with huge surprise and darted after my sister and dad. I then surprised them when I caught up to them, and continued the surprise when we sat by my mom. I planned to go home that night but they were going to dinner to celebrate and I joined them, Ben and Chari also joined us. I left early the next morning. I am glad I went and my plan was successful!


We were able to have Easter with my family and Kevin's family this year. Again, we were up for Christine's wedding and we got to be there for Easter. My family did a fun Easter Egg hunt and dinner. My sister LeAnn was there too and we had a fun time together. Our kids were able to find some super fun things to get in trouble together with. They did draw on the Easter eggs with crayon before we dyed them, that's what they are doing in the picture.

The next Tuesday we went to Kevin's parents and had dinner and their Easter Basket hunt around their house. Milt, Roni and their kids were there too and clearly all the kids received sunglasses in their baskets. I received a pair of what I call power socks, which are just socks with a unique pattern. I use them when I need to be brave, like when I go to the doctor, and they can't match what I'm wearing. It works for me... These new socks happen to be white and blue with lady bugs on them, very cute!

New Nephew

We have a new nephew thanks to Suzy and Jason (Kevin's sister), and he is very sweet. He weighed almost exactly the same as Derrick at birth. We visited while we were there for Christine's wedding and my girls loved him. Derrick was more interested in grandpa, and Sam and KayDee adored baby Jaxon.
It was super sweet to have my 7 year old be so big and know just what to do. The 2 year old, of course, had 15 second spans of holding him on and off.
We tried to get a picture of the kids and we successfully got this one with grandma and grandpa. The kids were extra squirmy and KayDee didn't want any part of it. Memories....
Anyways, congratulations to Suzy and Jason on their new family member. It was really fun we were able to visit with them.