Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of School

We moved with a couple months left of school left. The kids adjusted well even though they miss many things from the old school
Derrick was immediately in a Shakespeare play and was able to perform with his class at the Shakespearean Festival
KayDee had her Kindergarten program

Samantha played the recorder with her class the last Wednesday of school at the flag ceremony. Her Grandma Laub and Uncle DJ and Aunt Whitney came to watch too. They did a great job!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Samantha and Derrick have been taking piano lessons from me once a week before school and worked hard to memorize their recital pieces.
 We had the kids play just before KayDee's Let's Play Music recital.
 KayDee finished her second year and has one more year left. We are not able to find a teacher in the area so I will have to do it with the help of Samantha and Derrick since they have done all three years.
 KayDee did a great job and remembered all of her parts. All went well except for when her piano wasn't working. It really upset her since she wanted to play what she had learned. That was fixed quickly and she performed great!
We are so happy she loves music and has done so well playing the piano. We will start again in September!