Monday, April 14, 2008


We have caught KayDee in this position a lot lately. One day I asked Samantha where KayDee was and she said she was in her room on her blow-up chair. I leaped at the answer and ran to see KayDee myself. She has been known to pull chairs around the house to get to things especially since she is so much smaller than the other kids were.
I found her in the chair with pink hair down to her scalp, globs and chunks placed carefully throughout her hair and face, not to forget the blow-up chair.
I lifted her carefully and took her to the bathroom and searched for the camera momentarily and was unsuccessful because I didn't want pink everywhere. I stripped her down and gave her a bath, washing her hair 7 times with different soaps to get the nasty kid make-up out. I tried dish soap (for grease) and only got a few pink bubbles, then I tried baby shampoo- nothing, and then I used Vo5 (clarifying) and amazingly it all came out, including the pink off the scalp. Needless to say, the kid make-up is up high in a bathroom cupboard now, where only Samantha can reach it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ann's Wedding

This is our generous friend Ann and she got remarried on Mar 28 to Kent. Kent is so fun and always has something to say, to say the least. They are really quite disgusting sometimes with all their twitter-paited lovey stuff. To think we can act like that in our 60's... We are happy they are happy and hope Kent survives all the beatings! ;)

They got married in a neighbor's backyard and we had a wonderful dinner. Samantha (in her dress) and another child were led up the mountain by one of the children who lived there and almost reached the top before we saw her. Kevin ran up the mountain, not really fearing for any of their safety, and retrieved our daughter. She was sent home to go straight to bed, only because she did not ask first, she didn't tell us where she was going, and it could have been dangerous! How else will she learn? All were entertained and the wedding was wonderful.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Looking Good

I still love taking pictures and it is fun when the kids turn out so cute. I had to share them.

Good Arm?

I told Samantha to clean up after they had been painting at our kitchen table. KayDee was painting rocks with water and Sam wanted to do it after she was done with her paints. I told her to put the rocks outside and throw the newspaper away when she was done. She listened and obeyed. Then she came back in and said there was a crash and the window on the jeep looked different. I was really confused so I went to see. She had thrown the rock off the deck, across the driveway and it landed in the jeep on the opposite floor board of the shattered window. We had to teach some remorse but she helped her dad clean it up with the shop vac and put in the new window (luckily we had one in the parts jeep in the pasture). She had a good arm and it was a sharp rock.

More Easter

We had a really calm Easter with not much to do. My family was in up north and Kevin's traveled for a wedding. We went camping on Friday and Justin and Rachel treated us to dutch oven potatoes and chicken with peach cobler for dessert. Then we came home by 9:00am for the town Easter Egg hunt Saturday. Luckily, KayDee collected 2 metallic prize eggs during her age group because Samantha and Derrick couldn't compete with the 8 year olds in their group. It was extremely windy so we left quickly and did our normal Saturday stuff. My brother Spencer and his wife Celeste visited briefly to see our home and get the pop-up trailor. On Sunday, Rachel wanted to dye eggs so the two of us did it while the kids were downstairs playing and then they helped us put the stickers on the eggs.


We did just eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt this year since they got so much candy from other hunts. They loved peeling the eggs after. The dog liked it too since he ate the ones they dropped.

Enjoying Being the Mom

I have good kids and they are so fun. I enjoyed being the mom on this day. I am happy I can say that since I can get stressed and miss the good.

No More Green

My kitchen is no longer 70's green! Kevin got a great deal on these hardly used appliances, $250 for a fridge, glass top stove, dishwasher and microwave. He took my little green stove out and cut the counter so the new one would fit into place. He raised the cabinet about an inch so the fridge would fit and we put the dishwasher in Justin and Rachel's apartment (since we have one already)! The microwave will have to wait until we have a cabinet to put it under. We bought new white blinds to match. All my green is gone in the kitchen and my stove is wonderful!!! No more buttons for my chidlren (or us) to push accidently!