Friday, August 31, 2012

Laub Reunion Sand

We went to a lot of family reunions in August and here we are again at the Laub reunion. The boys love going out on the dunes and it is always extra fun to have to pull a truck out. The truck paddled its way out through the first pass but the second made it sink right in. This really puts a smile on Kevin's face.

Ipson Reunion

Kevin went to his family reunion that went along the Ipson trail and showed the place where the Ipsons lived. He has more details but I wanted to post some pictures now and he can update later.


We had the chance to go to Lagoon this summer. We were given two free tickets for buying four tires and then we got a great discount from the Farm Bureau. We had never been to Lagoona Beach before so we made sure to spend as much time there as possible. We were able to find enough rides for everyone to go on, even Kevin with his motion sickness and KayDee not quite being tall enough yet for the bumper cars. The kids were begging "one more ride" after one more ride. We left as it got dark having had a fun day!

East Canyon

 Yes, that is me water skiing! I tried one ski but decided to pop up quick with two.
The kids love the opportunity to go on the boat and play on the beach. The older two went two days and got to be pulled on tubes.

 Swimming with cousins

We went up for the Erickson family reunion to East Canyon and had fun with family as they came and went over the week. We did all the normal events, swimming, mini golf, tennis, etc. My mom took these pictures and I am sure glad since my camera never made an appearance.