Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Puppy Love

Would this be a good reason why puppy love came about? "I can't chew on these shoes so I'll refrain by sleeping on them." Puppies are adorable!

Say Cheese

Hold the camera out and take a picture of the group. The kids wanted a picture so of course I said okay.

Hub aka Fatty

We found a healthy, free puppy. Hub is super whiney and is very fat! He definitely came with a massive belly. He does eat for comfort we noticed or if he gets bord. Hub will wander over to the place where we feed him and sniff or lay down. He went through withdrawls as we got him used to a healthy feeding schedule. We have to have him as an inside dog because there are too many stray dogs to tempt him to run all over the town with them. He is a keeper and his health is so far so good. Although I would like it if he potty trained faster. I am really sick of cleaning up puppy pee!

Were you sick all Winter?

It sure seems like we have been sick all winter. All January was one cold or flu after another with only a couple of days inbetween. Samantha had a fever of 104 at 3am in which we had to give her a lukewarm bath to bring it down or go to the hopsital. It went down 4 degrees and the motrin helped keep it down until she got well. Kevin and KayDee were sick over the same weekend so we got a picture of them suffering together. If you get that super bad cold that makes you gag when you cough, eat and get sleep or it never goes away!

Samantha's 6th Birthday Party

Sam was excited she was able to have a birthday party to invite friends from the neighborhood, school and other friends she had from other places we lived. We planned a lot of games and of course the cake and ice cream. Rachel did an excellent job doing Simon Says. The kids had smiles on their faces.

Animal Shelters

I sure learned a lot about why I get a puppy from a box at the grocery store for free. We have a neighbor that was helping us find a dog. Justin and Rachel wanted a dog too so she was on a quest to find two puppies. She looked at the dogs at the shelters online and so we visited the ones she picked out. We found these two puppies that were so adorable and paid $100 for both of them. We thought we were doing a good deed and helping these animals out. Justin and Rachel's dog (Audrey, black) ended up dying of Parvo 5 days later and our dog (Smokey, brown) had bloody stools and ringworm and who knows what else. If you don't know, ringworm is very contageous for animals and people. We were mad since we had already gotten attached to these animals. I took my dog back and asked if they would consider a refund, since they don't do refunds. They will trade animals but why would I want another diseased animal. I told the lady our one income couldn't provide treatment for a puppy and I couldn't let my kids be around sickly animals. She did give me $25 back for our dog. I must say I am forever scarred. I'll give those healthy puppies in those cardboard boxes a chance for a great family.

Just waiting

We were going to town and the kids were ready to go and I had a few things to gather before I left for our journey of the day. Living far away makes you plan all necessities since you can't just go home if you forget something. Anyways... the kids lined up at the door and Derrick declared he was the leader and so he was first. The kids initially were standing and I was taking too long so they sat and amazingly waited quietly and patiently. That doesn't happen that often, so I had to take a picture of them sitting together in peace before we left. My kids are cute.

Grandpa's Birthday

We got to celebrate my Dad's birthday at my house with my mom and sister with 9 of her kids. They came down for the weekend and we had fun swimming, shopping and playing. My dad's birthday happened to be the day they came down. I made him an irresistable German Chocolate cake with homemade coconut frosting. He of course loved it-so did I. We do have that in common.

Really Cool Camper!

We have a really cool neighbor. She is crazy but she is really AMAZING! The story goes: Ann's spouse passed away and she was going to take their camper to funeral services in CA and Kevin was helping her get the camper ready. He walked in and found her crying and asked what was wrong and comforted her. She said she couldn't keep the camper since there were too many memories, and she asked if he would help sell it for her or make payments to buy it. He said he would help her out. She came to our house shortly after and told me to come over with the kids. When we got there we went in the camper to talk and she proceeded to tell me where I could cook, put my kids to bed and other miscellaneous things. I said what are you talking about, and she said it was ours. She came to our house the next day demanding a dollar and gave me the title. I told her she was crazy and she agreed, so I gave her 4 quarters so she felt like she got more money for it (and that's all the cash I had). We have never seen a person more generous and we feel so special to be part of her life. Oh, we do have to pay for it, I have to make 2 bean tacos for her every week until she dies or she moves from our town. She likes my homemade refried beans, don't ask me why-I just follow the directions on the package. Monday night is taco night now.

The camp trailor is a 2006 with a pop-out and an outside shower we plan to spray our kids down with. Couldn't get much better!