Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pioneer Day

 Just in case you were wondering how we all looked with big nose, glasses and a mustache, this is it!
We joined Kevin's parents, brother and his family, and sister for the 24th celebration.

 We went to their parade and breakfast and the Relief Society presidency tossed these glasses to us instead of candy. They claimed to be "sticking their nose in people's business". I thought it was pretty cute and we do look cute in the glasses too! We gathered plenty of candy from those on tractors, trailers and old cars. We also learned about the town's history and the people who built the first homes there. Kevin's dad even sang in a trio. It was a good celebration.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ipson Reunion

The Ipson Reunion was another great camping trip. We went up Thursday night and came home Saturday evening. The kids had fun playing in the trees, 4-wheeling and hanging out with cousins. I let the kids loose with the camera so we would have pictures since I keep forgetting to take pictures. Samantha took about 50 silly shots and some nice ones of the spring so that was great. Dirt was a favorite for KayDee and Derrick loved the motorized toys.
Dutch oven cooking by Justin, Kevin's cousin, was fun since he showed us his secrets! We look forward to more next year. We hiked to the caves and retrieved the ice to make ice cream to top off the tradition for the reunion.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Front Teeth

Derrick lost his two front teeth in the same week and he loves it. I have enjoyed watching him eat. Sometimes I wonder if he can eat the food or if I need to cut it up but he has been able to bite everything without problem.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Laub Family Reunion

Derrick towing his cousin Shelbi
 These are the only 2 pictures I took. Kevin's family meets together over the 4th of July for their reunion and we have lunch and ride horses and play a game. This year they brought Minute to Win it games. I had no idea I could catch several pencils flipped from the top of my hand. The kids had fun riding horses and 4 wheelers.
Kevin had fun taking his brothers and cousins for a ride on the sand dunes. There were 5 men who were all over 6ft tall in his camo truck. They said the harder they laughed going over all the bumps, the faster Kevin drove, so then they laughed even harder. I stole this picture from my sister-in-law Bree since her husband was one of the ones in the truck too.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rodeo 2011

New announcer stand
I like this one even though it's blury

This year the kids were invited to go to the rodeo Friday night with their new Aunt Whitney since she wanted to bring some kids while she was with her friends who also had kids. We all went together the next night and Kevin's sister Mandy came too. We had a great time. Samantha ended up with blisters since she didn't wear socks with her boots originally. KayDee played in the dirt pretty much the whole time and Derrick enjoyed the pretty rodeo princesses that pass out pictures. All of them loved the food from the concession stand (nachos, snow cones, cotton candy, etc). Kevin worked the gates as he has done in the past years, except this year he could only do it Saturday since he was finishing crop at the farm.

4th of July Parade 2011

We decorated the kids bikes for the 4th of July parade this year. The kids had fun riding. KayDee rode her bike back and forth, but not really part of the parade. I was very happy since she has lacked the  confidence to ride on the street until now. The kids picked up some pretty good candy. Kevin drove the fire truck and I took pictures and stayed available if the kids had a problem.
I got to run through the end  of the parade chasing the fire truck since our car was parked at the church and I didn't want to walk. Don't worry, I waved as I ran.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Motorcycle Progress: Seat

I sewed the seat. We bought foam (EXPENSIVE!) and the vinyl. The lady at the store gave us a 50% off coupon so that made the foam much better. She made my day! Next we do tires!

Laub Grandkids

Anniversary Campout

 Our annual camp out was done a little different this year. We always camp on Memorial weekend (Friday-Saturday) since this is the weekend Kevin and I met (11 years ago now). Kevin had to work Saturday morning this year so we decided to do a practice backpacking trip. We wore our packs as we walked down the dirt road behind our house and then came back to pitch the tent in the yard.
 Almost a cave.
 The stump that is near our house. It must be more special when you are hiking.
Ice cream because we can! It is celebration food.

We played Uno after everything was set up and I had no idea that the game was so fun. KayDee squealed and squealed and even won! It was delightful! After, we slept like sardines, during which we decided to get a two man tent for Kevin and I so the kids could share this one. 
This trip really celebrates our family and we love having our kids be a part of it!

Friday, July 1, 2011

DJ and Whitney's Wedding

 I think the pictures say it all. I LOVE seeing Kevin dressed up. We had a great time and we are so happy for Kevin's brother DJ and Whitney. Congratulations to them!