Monday, July 22, 2013

Ipson Reunion 2013

 We went to the Ipson Reunion, which is Kevin's mom side, up Beaver Mountain. The group was smaller this year but we still had a fun time. I only got pictures of hiking to the ice caves.

Farm Bureau Mid Year Conference

 We enjoyed a night stay in a hotel while we attended the Farm Bureau Mid-Year Conference. The kids loved the pool and I had to take pictures of their splashing. We lost the goggles but a nice lady found them and returned them to our room.

 The kids enjoyed the huge bale roll that was for the "Olympics" which Kevin participated in. That roll was HUGE!

Kevin participated in three out of four events: the bale roll (which they won), horse shoes (which he did with his brother Travis with toilet seats) and roping the steer head. The one he didn't participate in was the small bale toss. It was very entertaining to watch the men from different counties compete against each other doing some very silly things!

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July 3013

 To start the week right we had to have our girly toes painted. Samantha really wanted to have pedicures so we used her little kit and we three girls have really cute toes now!
 Samantha was in the parade for the 4th. We put her and KayDee in a summer dance class focusing on tumbling and technique. Sam's age group practiced a flag routine to perform for the parade. Her friend Nikayla was in it too!
Right before the parade Samantha doused her shoes with water by walking through a river. She changed her socks and we tied her shoes to the car so they could dry a little on the way.
She claims her feet were just fine but her mom was still unhappy.
The girls did a great job with their routine and I think they enjoyed doing it too.

 KayDee and Derrick enjoyed picking up candy from the parade. Kevin's parents came to support the kids. Travis and Bree with their girls, and our friends the Judd's sat by us at the parade too.

 After the parade we went to the town program. The kids were asked to sing the song "God Gave Me Dear America" during the program and also memorized parts of the Gettysburg address. They did so great and we really enjoyed the program.
 We were able to slip in some camping over the holiday. We would go up when Kevin was off of work and then come back in the morning for him to work. We did this for a couple nights. We joined our friends, the Kleins. They showed us how to river fish and the kids LOVED it! They all caught at least one fish. Kevin even caught a fish.

Here are the kids enjoying the end of the week. They were eating ice cream and swinging on the porch swing we bought with Great Aunts Mary and Viola inheritance.