Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Year Anniversary

 We celebrated by going to the temple we were married in (after a quick stop at my brother's chiropractic office to adjust Kevin's back). Then we went to dinner and came home to watch a movie.
It's really been ten years and our kids show it. I look less like a teenager and Kevin hasn't gained a pound. The country song "Then" describes love perfectly. "And I thought I loved you then" is what I think when I look back at previous years. That is exactly how Kevin and I are. We think we love each other as much as we can but in a few more years I'm sure it will continue to grow. I remembering telling my brother in law that "of course I love Kevin more now, we've been through a tremendous amount of bonding." He raised an eyebrow and accepted my answer. That was only a couple of years ago and here I am saying I love Kevin even more.
I am grateful for love and it is a gospel truth. We are supposed to love each other and that is how we become more like Christ. We learn what love is and how it works and why it is so important when we are committed to relationships. Kevin and I are doing that and it makes me love him more and it builds my testimony.

Christmas Day in Salt Lake

We visited my grandparents house and saw the Winsor's and Ethington's and then we went to the Salt Lake Temple. When we got there the lights weren't on yet. We walked to the nativity and a couple minutes later the lights turned on and the nativity audio was going. We were ON TIME! We had a great time looking at the lights and warning 8 children to stay out of the water fountains. It was perfect timing since the later it got the colder it got. We were ready to go! It was a good memory. My family used to go for Christmas and it was fun to take my kids!

Christmas with My Parents

Christmas Eve with cousins

Cristian, Diane and Me
Christmas morning. Are we all here? Let's go see if Santa came!
Santa did fill stockings at grandmas just like we thought.

The one BIG present we brought

This was the most desired gift this year.

Merry Christmas!
Me and Kevin. My dad was using his new camera. We were his subjects.

Christmas at our House

We had to decide when to open our presents! We were going to drive to my parents for Christmas but we were also bringing a whole lot of tools so Kevin could tile for my parents.
We debated and then we just opened presents after the town party. Santa already came but we decided he would visit grandmas so we packed the stockings for him to fill there along with a special BIG present. The kids love to dress up and that is exactly what they did after they opened the costume presents. I also made them light weight sleeping bags (no stuffing) since it gets hot here. Plus they could be useful when we sleep at someone elses house.
The kids did go shopping for each other at the dollar store and picked items out for each other. KayDee didn't have enough money but they had grab bags with items they liked and she ended up getting Derrick some arrows for a bow he lost arrows to, plus other fun interesting things for everyone else. It really worked out. We had a great Christmas at our house.
They picked a special toy to bring with them to Springville and we left in the morning.

Town Christmas Program 2010

 Once again we went to the town Christmas Program on Dec 23rd. I was actually in charge of the nativity this year. I wrote it (I went to the lds website and got a program from the Friend and adapted it), 
and practiced all the songs during primary and gave CD's to those who don't go to church. It was a busy December for me!
The kids in town practice once and then put it on with memorized parts.  

Derrick was a shepherd and had a speaking part and Samantha was the angel Gabriel. They both did a great job.
Santa Claus always comes and I got to lead music for that too. The traditional "Here comes Santa Claus" is the song of choice but the thing is, I end up singing it by myself (except for the "here comes Santa Claus" words) since no one knows the words! I don't know the words either! 
Every year those involved always say that next year we are going to get words for everyone but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe I'll remember if I write it in my planner. It is quite humorous to sing Santa into the room with a fumble of words!
Clearly, the kids were super excited to see Santa. The Town Hall was packed this year but we were lucky to have Santa call the Laub kids fairly quick.  

Santa gave them great presents this year. 
Samantha: Easy Bake Oven
Derrick: Atlantis Legos
KayDee: Rapunzel

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Breakfast

We were so happy that the camera worked still I took pictures of the kids and Kevin at breakfast and then Kevin took one of me. I made warm cereal (aka oatmeal) and surprised them with hot chocolate. The slow eaters picked up the pace as I handed it to the fast eaters. This was a great way to end our Thanksgiving holiday.

Surprise Snow

We got snow Saturday night unexpectedly. We had just finished the leaves and the weather was nice and calm without any sign of precipitation on Saturday. Samantha ran up the stairs to our room and said "IT SNOWED!" It was the beautiful kind of snow that falls gently without blustery wind. The kids put on their warm clothes and headed out, reassuring us that they can change into church clothes after. We just smiled...
Then I wanted to take a picture but...I took pictures the night before of the leaves and left the camera on the trampoline. Right when we figured that out, Samantha was opening the door holding it and telling us the same thing! We dried it off and it was working once the fog cleared off the inner lenses, YEAH! The kids made sure they were thoroughly cold and then came inside to warm up. Snow is fun here!
Then we went to church and everyone we talked to hates snow! How can this be? It's not like it sticks and you have to shovel your walks and driveway. There is only one day to drive slowly and carefully. All you do is make a snowman and then watch it melt over the next couple of days, what's the big deal?
Anyways, isn't it beautiful? We like it and we are grateful for the few snow falls we get.