Sunday, November 30, 2014

Derrick is 11!

Derrick had a fun birthday party with his friends. They watched a Pokemon movie and then wished they had enough time to play with the Pokemon cards. We love that he has chosen such great friends!
 It is crazy to think that time just keeps going and we don't notice. Derrick is already 11! He is such a good kid and has been through some rough roads figuring out friends, instructions, and confusion in homework. He has put in great effort to resolve these and has made goals and kept them. He is such a thoughtful person and thinks through directions that he is given. He is very responsible and likes to follow rules. He is getting more adventurous, since he takes a survival kit with him when he roams the farm near our home.
He loves to shoot his bow and arrow, his BB gun and loves to make stuff with rope and wood. His friends got him really into Pokemon and only had 10 cards before his birthday. Now he has well over 100 and loves that he has what he needs to play the game.
His dad lets him drive trucks and tractors when he needs an extra driver on the farm. He really enjoys going to scouts and received all of his compass points with his Webelo award before going into 11 year old scouts. He did karate for a year and decided that he wanted to try some new sports. He is very excited to start basketball and wrestling. He is a great helper at home and helps with bringing in wood, doing dishes, washing the tub and shower and doing his own laundry. He has also helped make meals like eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, baked potatoes, tacos, bread and more. He still takes piano lessons from me and continues to improve and plays for our family nights. His favorite color is still red. We are so glad he is in our family and appreciate that he does his part to make our family happy. We love him and are so pleased with his choices to follow our Savior. He is diligent in making sure he brings his scriptures to church and actively participates in the lessons. He helps teach lessons for family night and likes to discuss the scriptures when we read as a family.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mexican Riviera Cruise

 This is a line up of our kids with our friend's kids when we were dropped off at Long Beach Port.
 5 person selfie. We decided we wanted to be on top when the ship launched. This is us on the 9th deck at the bow.

 Our friend John surprised us with a gift of strawberries and sparkling cider when we arrived in our stateroom. We found some fun stuff at the shops too because of him. Thanks John!
 This is the Mad Hatter's room. We went to some shows in this room like the comedians and the kids also did their talent show in here where Derrick sang "I wish I were a Cowboy" that was a hit, and just about everyone sang along with the chorus as he went through the verses! People came up and told him he did a great job! He learned the song a couple years ago in school.
 This is our formal night. Since we didn't plan on purchasing pictures, we took a 10 second timer in the stateroom. We look ready for a formal dinner! Check out the sparkly jewelry on the girls we got on the trip!
 The kids really enjoyed the activities for their age groups. At first it was rough figuring out how to get them where they needed to be and do what we wanted, and we walked the ship a lot! By the end we figured it out and everyone had a great time. KayDee loved the pirate activity so much that this is how she looked for dinner too!
 We were able to go to the beach twice. Our boat was headed right for Hurricane Vance and to our first port Puerto Vallarta. Of course our port changed and we so we went to La Paz instead. When we arrived on the beach KayDee started picking up shells immediately. Derrick and Sam jumped into the ocean. Derrick and I built a sand castle which KayDee decorated with some of her shells. Samantha snorkeled a lot. Kevin went on a round trip bus ride so he could grab the camera and get the boogie boards. We learned what we should take for the next port. He did enjoy the sights as he rode.

 The next port we went to was Cabo San Lucas. This was one of our planned ports but we went to it a couple days after schedule. The weather calmed down and we were able to tender to shore. It was beautiful. We ended up going on a tour in a glass bottom boat and saw fish and the other fun rock formations and beaches. Our tour guide did a great job and we got a great price! When we were done, he dropped us off on the beach and we decided to walk back to the harbor and shops.
 That's our cruise ship, the Carnival Miracle.

KayDee's sand castle that almost wasn't. The sand was so course because there was a Hurricane a few months ago that blew all the fine sand away. We smashed the wettest sand into our red building brick and were able to make a wall.
 Derrick is floating and enjoying the tide with our ship behind him.
 Sam enjoying her goggles and flippers.
KayDee was loving the tide bringing her in on the boogie board.
Kevin wanted a picture with the guard mostly because of his gun.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

We went to the elementary school Halloween carnival the week before Halloween. We ate nachos and hot dogs. KayDee played all the games to get treats. She even surprised herself when she made a basket for the hoop shoot! There was even a haunted hall which Samantha relived over and over again! Just image a snowman (Olaf to be precise) running through the hall, terrified, being chased by a leaf blower! Derrick had a lot of people bump into him, I'm sure you can figure out why. I think he is the squishiest pumpkin ever!