Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Daddy's Hat

KayDee found Daddy's truck-fixing hat and had to try it on. She has also learned how to say cheese and pose for pictures. This picture says more than words.

The Used but New Trampoline

Kevin's co-worker gave his old trampoline to us a few weeks ago. We have set rules for jumping and not jumping and the kids are following them well. Sara only wanted the trampoline up for a week since it can be dangerous for babies walking under it. She has changed her mind since the kids have been listening and it is still up and bouncing.

KayDee's in the Dog House- Literally

I was sitting on the deck watching Kevin work on "the Chevy" and I turned around to see where KayDee had gone. I didn't have to look hard, she had entered the dog house with the dog in it too. I rushed for my camera because she was having such a great time and the dog was so willing. This is one of the many pictures. It actually looks like the dog house is big enough for her to live in there, although the dog may object.

Kevin in a Chevy?

We can't believe it! Kevin is in a Chevy. It is truly remarkable. And not only that, he took this picture by himself (ten second timer).

Kevin is putting the motor back in this Chevy for a friend and he always takes a picture of himself in the empty space where the motor should be. He has done this for every vehicle he has put a motor in, even if it is a Chevy. Don't worry he will always be a Ford guy even if a Chevy ends up in our driveway once in awhile.

Kid 4-wheeler

We finally have a battery (thanks to a nice neighbor). We purchased this 4-wheeler at DI for $10 a few years ago but it needed a new battery. The kids are having a blast driving it now. We tell them not to run anyone over, of course that happened within the first hour, but thankfully KayDee was not hurt and it hasn't happened since.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Sara let one of her young women cut her hair. She was only 13 and did a great job. It is even and cute. The girl was nervous to cut her president's hair but Sara knew she would do a great job. This all came about because two of the girls had cut each other's hair and they looked great so Sara invited them to cut her hair a couple of months later (when she was ready for a change). Kevin was glad it didn't go too short. Sara's grateful to cut 5 inches off although she doesn't have any layers left. Yes, Sara is crazy!.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Upside Down

Derrick is very excited that he can do tricks upside down. We have to find new adventures while Sam is in school. He was excited to show his mom his new trick.

Dirt vs Baby

Can you guess what KayDee was doing 5 minutes ago? We have a pot with black dirt in it and that is our sand box. She loves it and gets annoyed that the dog has to see her using the shovels. We aren't sure how the dirt accumulated on her face; wiping her nose, eating it, practicing putting on make-up... Very picture worthy.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Town Pinewood Derby

We had a town Pinewood Derby and we were planning on just watching but Justin and Rachel had an extra kit so we made a car that day. Sara spent the afternoon painting the firetruck to make our block of wood look cool. We won best paint job and were placed around 35th out of 52. Not bad for not putting any weight on it. Derrick is totally thrilled he has another firetruck to play with and takes it everywhere.