Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

First off, my family changed the date of their Christmas party so we could come. The inspector for our house came on Christmas Eve so they had our party on the 23rd. The inspector said we could move in and so we did. We did not move everything at once so the kids slept in sleeping bags on pads and we slept on a full size bed (squishy compared to the king we slept on before, but it made us grateful for our queen). We were super excited to celebrate Christmas Morning in our house.
The kids were excited to have the storage unit emptied because being out of a bed for a few days gets old. We moved our stuff over before the end of the year and then had to go through it so we could use the space well. We are so happy to be in our own home with all of our own stuff. We feel so blessed we could be in Travis and Bree's basement while we were working on the house. They are great neighbors! We are so blessed to live where Kevin works and we are grateful Kevin's parents made this happen for us!
Now we have to completely settle in and get the rest of the boxes emptied! Samantha enjoyed teasing her friends about how she was moving and then they'd ask where and she would say next door. It is nice to move next door and not have to change schools, addresses, etc again!

Finishing the House!

 Preparing the floor for tile. Kevin put crack suppression on the cement.
 Working on the shower.
Sink back splash
 Kevin put the cabinets in
 The granite guys came!

December Activities

The kids were involved in the school Christmas program and it was so great! The songs were done so well and my parents were able to come and enjoy it too.
 Samantha had her first band concert and they did good for only learning how to play their instruments for about 3 months. One song was a little much and got skipped but we got to hear their best song again. We are proud of her!

 KayDee lost her first tooth! Her other tooth was already growing in behind it so we encouraged the wiggle into twisting and she was surprised to see her tooth in her hand instead of her mouth. 

Derrick drove the tractor while helping Uncle Travis feed the horses. This is him driving it back to the shop all by himself at a very low speed!