Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KayDee is 3!

KayDee is three and we are so excited. Time is flying and I am glad to say we are having fun. She had a fun little birthday. I curled her hair and took her picture next to the flowers and in the ladybug shirt (as requested) after breakfast (I was still in pjs). Then she had a friend come over for cake and to play. She requested spaghetti for dinner and Justin, Rachel and Grandma Laub enjoyed that and cake and ice cream with us. She adored all of her gifts. Thanks everyone! She is such a fun 3 year old.

Laub Family Picture

Kevin's family typically gets family pictures when babies are blessed. Baby Jaxon made this possible this time and it is a good thing because there are quite a few new members since the last one 3 years ago. I love how the 2 year olds each wrapped their arms around their mom's necks! Kevin's family is growing!

Ice Cream Beards

Samantha received coupons for free ice cream to Iceberg from her school and she shared with her brother and sister. They each received a very tall, wide cone and started licking but they melted quick. I'm glad I didn't get one because I ended up with my fair share just controlling the drips. I can't imagine how bad it would have been if it had been 100 degrees like our normal June's are.

Party In Vegas

My niece had her birthday at the end of may and they happened to be visiting in Vegas so we went to her party. Maryn turned 2 and had a pink elephant party. The kids played at the park, did a pink elephant pinata, and had cake. I took a picture of the kids pretty quick and then saw all the adults lined up taking pictures so I just couldn't resist getting their picture as well. The kids loved the massive frosting balloons, and there were just enough for each of them from the cake.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Escargo Anyone?

This is one of the disgusting things we have to do when we garden. Kevin noticed there were several snails on one side of the garden, so we grabbed a drink bottle and started collecting. The kids had already been collecting snails during the spring but it was nothing like this. They must have just finished hybernating! We just didn't stop finding them, and they completely filled the bottle as you can see. DISGUSTING! Love the lable "Focus". There had to be over a hundred snails in there! The picture merely proves that we filled a 1 quart bottle completely with snails.
We use the bottles because we were told that snails eggs can still hatch after the snail is killed, so we put them in bottles with a lid and throw them away.

Eagle Rock

We found an amazing new campsite! We have been down most of the dirt roads around our house and we were surprised to find an amazing campsite. There was plenty of soft sand for kids to play in, the camp was surrounded by gorgeous red rock and had many places to explore or hike! The dog loved it too! We cleaned the site up so the next time we go there will be a lot less garbage. I just don't understand people trashing perfectly GREAT campgrounds! As we hiked around we found the rock that looked like an eagle's head and as a family we decided to call the place Eagle Rock.Derrick enjoyed catching things in his net and hauling it around. We had to convince him to discard the trash.Samantha loved hiking all around by herself and with the dog and we could see her from our campground. We had to keep reminding her to not worry about the dog and make sure she kept herself safe when hiking. She did really well.KayDee was okay as long as no bugs were around, otherwise we'd hear about it and have to hold her until she recovered. It is hard to help her recognize that she is bigger than they are and she can just squish them! She loved the soft sand.

Couple Get Away

Kevin and I were able to have a little get away and we were really grateful since it just doesn't happen often. We stayed in a really old hotel and merely had an experience there (next time we'll upgrade). We went to the temple and walked in the Virgin River. We're real party animals! The river was so fun and deep. The current was difficult to walk against and the bottom was always unexpected! I love that we can have so much fun together and do such simple things! It was also nice to go to the temple and not have to rush home to the kids.
As always, we were grateful to get home to the kids at the end of our stay. Kevin's mom and sister did such a great job with babysitting them. We are so happy they could do that for us! Thank you!

Aesop's Fables

The first grade put on the program Aesop's Fables and Samantha had two parts. She did really well and we could understand her. She was a lion in Androcles and the Lion and also part of AEIOU.