Saturday, April 30, 2011


Kevin took a quick picture of me drawing. I am illustrating a book for my sister Diane. I've never done it before and it is hard to find time to do it. There are 41 pictures for the first book and I've only made it through the first couple chapters! It is fun to share in something like this with my sister. The stories are really good too. I'll keep drawing!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hiking to the Bowl

 Yes, I hike with old people from my ward. They are the people that are retired, and I can do stuff with them during the day and with KayDee too! I love it and they are such great people!
 We hiked to the bowl and KayDee said that these puddles looked like tracks which reminded one person that they were actually dinosaur tracks. So the whole way down we saw several, these are the most defined. Pretty cool and great observation little 4 year old!
 KayDee was fun to take pictures of. I didn't even bring my camera but those grandparents couldn't help themselves.
Someone got her started on carens that mark the trails (the rock stacks, not sure how to spell). After that we had to stop every 5 feet to allow another one to be made... We did make it through the hike-eventually!
KayDee and I have gone on some of these Monday hikes and it has really been fun to do something with other people. I tend not to go since I don't think it is safe for me to hike by myself with a young child. I am grateful for the opportunity and the friends that go with us!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Derrick caught a lizard at our house. We believe it lives under our shed because we see it around all the time. I make Derrick let them go after he catches them and I've seen Daisy chasing it from time to time. This lizard is actually pretty big. The other ones are quite a bit smaller. Good catch Derrick!

Owen's Loop

 The kids had Monday off from school and so I took them all on the next hike. We went on Owens Loop in St. George and we hiked to "The Lamb of God" with "God's Hands". The history on it is: When the pioneers settled St. George the children went hiking around and found Indian burial sites and took bones and skulls home. The bones were just laid in crevasses in the rock like the one the kids are in above. And then they were covered by more rocks to keep animals out.

 I did expect it to be bigger but it really is interesting.
 They took the bones out and buried them somewhere else and dedicated the site and the pioneers put a petro glyph of a lamb and hands to show respect.
It was a good hike and it was interesting to hear the story behind what happened and why the pioneers made a petro glyph.

Old Toys

Here's our boys playing with some pretty old toys. These are Kevin's old toys that are in mint condition. He brought home a bunch from his parents house a while ago and the kids helped wash them off and then Kevin separated them. Some the kids can just play with but others they have to ask. Derrick asks to play with this set quite often. It is an airplane that holds mini tanks, cars, airplanes, etc. It really is cool. Kevin has a hard time sharing sometimes but he enjoyed showing Derrick (and the girls) these and teaching them how to take good care of them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Real Eggs

There aren't many egg hunts that actually involve real boiled eggs. It's a tradition that I really love. Dying eggs and coloring them with crayons and making different pictures is fun! We count the eggs before we start the hunt to make sure there aren't any left out to spoil. We also hide one present for each kid.
 And they're off!

 KayDee found her's first! Princess puzzles!
 Derrick was next and he got toy story puzzles.
 Samantha had a rough time finding her especially since it was so small. We had to give hints. We have always wanted to put an egg on the irrigation pipe, see behind her, but they're too small. So, we put her egg full of earrings on it.
 The end result: 6 eggs plus a present equal smiles!
 Two extra eggs for us. Now we can make deviled eggs!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Derrick manages to find more ways to make a helicopter. He's made one out of pretzels, noodles, drawn them, and now with magnets. I think that's pretty neat.

Family Temple Trip

Kevin's youngest sibling Mandy decided to go through the temple. This picture really is great since all the siblings are there and just two spouses are missing (Jason and Whitney). It was fun to sit by so many family members during the session. This was a great day and congrats to Mandy!


 Kevin's mom and sister Suzy with her son Jaxon came to our town Easter Egg Hunt. It is perfect for little kids since there is a better proportion of eggs to children. The baskets are full when they are done!
 Here's the photographers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Escalante Kite Festival

 We spent Saturday morning in town to go on a bike ride and get some kites. I have been wanting to take the kids on some bike trails in town since KayDee really needs experience. Our road doesn't have sidewalks and is super intimidating for her. Kevin had to work so we all got in the car and he dropped us off along the way so we could ride our bikes about 3 miles to his work. KayDee was not thrilled but she did amazing. When we figured out all we had to do was make her the leader she actually pedaled her bike! She got scared going down a steep hill but then we talked about how to brake slowly. It was a fun time. I knew it would be a difficult bike ride and was prepared for several things. The one thing I didn't plan for was a bathroom break! Fortunately there was a club house that people were going in and so we used those facilities. It was a total success!

Every year Escalante Power gives kids a chance to read every day for almost 3 months to earn a kite or a book. KayDee's preschool class was allowed to do it this year so all three received a kite or book.
 When we went to the golf course to retrieve the earned items, there was a new fire truck there for the kids to look inside. Of course my kids enjoyed this immensely.
 "Stand in line." "Don't push." "There's room for everyone to take a turn." These were the things coming out of my mouth.
 I got to hold 2 kites and one book while the kids found something extra to do. There were bounce houses, a climbing wall, a train ride, and other fun things to do or eat. I gave them a small amount of money (everything was so expensive!) so they could choose just one thing. 
 KayDee chose to do the princess bounce castle. Are we surprised? Not really. She loved it!
 Derrick really wanted a snow cone and was so pleased since his choice lasted by far the longest!
Samantha chose the alien laser tag. Pretty adventurous!
We had a great time and then we picked up their dad.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dressed Up

I believe Kevin took this picture. He doesn't see the kids in funny things like I do so he was entertained by her heart glasses, crown and beads. This is our every day living. Lots of opportunity to be creative.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Samantha Won 2nd Place

 Samantha won 2nd place for the Evening of the Arts by playing her song she composed. She played it perfectly that night too! She really handles herself well under pressure.
Good job Samantha! She inspired Derrick to participate next year!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Petro Glyphs at the Overhung Cliff

 We had an outing with my parents and grandparents. They wanted to see the waterfall from the reservoir overflow and so we hiked along the dam and overlooked the falls from the top.

 Us with the girls (Derrick opted to stay in the car since the wind was SOOO cold).

 My grandpa Erickson took us to see these petro glyphs. We heard that there were some but we didn't know where. Apparently, my grandpa had been there years ago so we hiked up the steep dirt road at the "overhung cliff" and Kevin scoped it out and found them. They are right on the edge of the cliff. The one rock is really amazing and there are other rocks with just a few.


 Kevin and Samantha next to the rock.
 Me. You can see the road below.
 Grandpa. It's hard to get pictures of him so I HURRIED!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Derrick created a ramp for his cars so they could have an off-road trail to ride on. I LOVE the cactus. He just cut them out with out drawing them first! If you look close, his nose has a little red under it. Our house has been FILLED with sickness. Kevin was sick for days, KayDee had her tonsils out, then Derrick was sick and missed school for over a week, and I got a 2 week sore throat later! (Samantha lucked out!) I finally took him in to the doctor and they said he had the Rhino virus or RSV. An antibiotic helped him get better faster. This is a picture of him feeling better and actually having energy to do something he wanted. The sickness wore me out but I'm grateful my family's getting better.