Monday, September 28, 2015

Family Backpacking Trip to Ashdown Gorge

 I was so excited about this trip. I had gone on a ladies backpacking trip a few weeks before down this trail and wanted to take my family. We planned carefully to make sure we could go the 12 miles and carry our sleeping bags too! My friend Janet and her daughter went with us. At first the kids complained about how to wear the backpack and buckling it up around the chest and waist, but they learned quickly that it truly was the best way. We ended up hiking the last half hour of the first day in the dark to our campsite, which Janet wasn't happy about, but it ended up being amazing! The weather was perfect and there was a full moon that made it so beautiful. Setting up camp was fine with moon light and we sure appreciated our fire.
The first day we did 4 miles and then we did 8 mostly in the slot canyon and stream. The kids didn't hardly notice their packs as they splashed through the river bed. We loved it and want to go up from the bottom for a day hike to play in the stream and waterfalls next summer.

 Side trail to the waterfalls

 Flannigans Arch

Monday, September 7, 2015

Timpanogos Caves

 This was my Christmas present a couple years ago. We all picked places to go or things to do for Christmas and we finally got to mine! It worked out perfectly. The weather was great, the ranger gave a great tour and the kids did awesome! It was funny, or aggravating, to hear our kids tell each other how to hike safe and taking turns rolling their eyes or saying "I know!" to each other. Kevin calmed me down and reminded me that we were raising leaders. Apparently, we are being successful.

Friday, August 21, 2015

School Started!

Elementary's 1st Day of School Party!

4th Grade

6th Grade

8th Grade

Monday, August 17, 2015

Temple Times

  We were able to go to the Cedar City Temple dedication on Aug 8th and after we went to the temple site to see for ourselves. We are so excited to have a temple being built closer to us!

We went to the Provo temple where my parents work in the Baptistry. As many cousins as could come, came and did several ordinances. It was pretty special to be at the temple with this group!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer Stuff

Derrick and KayDee love to catch lizards and they found the smallest lizard they had caught so far. It is pretty tiny!
The kids collected caterpillars and kept them in containers. Samantha kept hers alive the longest and we left for the weekend and she found it in a cocoon. After a while she had a buckeye butterfly!
KayDee and I made a dancing dress for Activity Days this summer. It was made out of toilet paper but she was able to walk and could possibly even dance in it!

The kids sang songs for the 24th of July for our community program. Samantha read a pioneer story too.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Family Reunions

The Erickson's went up to East Canyon again and we played at the beach and did all the activities we could at the resort. We did start a new Tennis Tournament called the Hit and Miss which turned out to be a fun addition!
The Laub reunion was extra special this year because we had it where Kevin's uncle purchased the "Old Laub Ranch" where their grandpa used to live. We were able to enjoy the scenery and the old stories about his family history. This is a photo of Kevin's Dad with his siblings. They were so brave to stand above the pond!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The girls got braces this summer!