Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We had so much fun for Halloween this year! We went to a family party at Uncle DJ and Aunt Whitney's house a couple weeks before Halloween. We went trick or treating on Halloween night with Uncle Travis and Aunt Bree and their girls. This was the first year that it was just fun to walk with all the kids and the weather was really nice. We didn't want to stop!
The kids dressed up as: Samantha and Derrick were genies and KayDee was a princess.

House Progress: Painting!

We decided to paint the interior of our house ourselves. We rented a paint sprayer which was free because we bought over 10 gallons of paint at Jones Paint and Glass. I think Kevin's parents gave us these blue coveralls and they worked perfectly. We wore face masks and Kevin started spraying! When we finished with one color we taped off the ceiling and sprayed the walls another color. The taping took FOREVER!!! We would probably do it differently if we paint again. It did turn out great and we like it a lot!

2012 Family Picture

 We like silly pictures too!

 Kevin is definitely the tallest! (For now) The kids are catching up to me!
 We had a hard time getting the kids to smile correctly. Lots of pictures were deleted because of a silly face!
This is my favorite.

Derrick Earned his Wolf!

Derrick earned his Wolf in Cub Scouts and also earned his religious knot. He is also accumulating belt loops in music, BB gun, Marbles, Basketball, and a few others. He really enjoys scouts!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Kevin and I picked 3 bushels of apples from a neighbor and we dehydrated most of them. They were crisp red delicious! We did not have any fruit this year since we moved and just planted fruit trees so we were grateful to have some to add to our snacks!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KayDee's Ears

KayDee announced that she wanted to get her ears pierced several weeks ago. She had claimed she did not want to do it when Sam and I did it. I told her that she never had to but to tell me if she ever did want to. She told me she was ready and knew what she had to do to take care of them. We went to Walmart and picked out the ruby butterflies that came with a necklace and she was super brave! She cleans them by herself and loves having them. She told us that she is never going to take them out even when she can. We'll see how long that lasts!


 KayDee was our photographer for this pack meeting. Derrick helped the other scouts make dessert. Now you know how Samantha and her friends look at pack meetings. :)

The scouts had two highway patrol officers come out and teach them about safety and did a bike rodeo for them. They even got timed!

Derrick's Busy Month

 The third grade did the water olympics for their last day at the city pool. Derrick signed up for diving (not sure why he interprets that as a canon ball but he was very pleased with himself).
 Carrying the flag for the closing ceremony.
 He actually got first place for noodle spitting. Yes, he is talented. He can spit water the furthest with a water noodle!
Aunt Bree had Derrick model for one of her cute hats she makes. She has a fun blog and fb book page for String With Style.  His reward was he could keep it and he has found many opportunities to wear it since.
 I had the chance to go on the 3rd grade field trip. They went to the dairy that is near our house and then up Cedar Breaks. It was snowing, obviously!

 They learned that cows give about 10 gal of milk every day and they drink 35 gallons of water every day! The dairy has new calves born every day and we were able to pet them.
 This is after our 2.5 mile hike. It was wonderful to walk through the snow and we didn't get cold since the snow kept us insulated while we walked. The bus took us to some look out points but we could only see about 20 feet away so the kids had no idea we were next to a 300 ft cliff!

House Progress!

 We have made significant progress on our house over the last month and a half. We have had siding put on. The furnace has been put in with all the ducting.
 Then we put up the insulation. That was okay until we got to the brown colored stuff!

And then we had the drywall workers come in.

Now Kevin is working on the shelves for the pantry and closets so we can paint next!

School Pictures