Monday, June 30, 2014

Erickson Reunion

 We went to the Erickson Reunion without Kevin this year since it was during first crop. The kids had an amazing time at the reservoir playing on the beach and boating. KayDee caught small fish or tadpoles with her cousins, Derrick loves rowing that raft and Samantha loved to knee board behind the boat. The kids played and played and played with all the fun stuff the resort offered. They golfed, swam, played games, decorated their reunion shirt and watched movies and ate! We did the team relay race a couple of times and had a grand finalie jumping in the pool as a big group. We are so grateful we get to have this time to spend together and make these memories.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Utah Summer Games

 Derrick and I participated in the Utah Summer Games Karate Tournament. It was a great experience and we learned a lot while we competed. We have only been in karate for 9 months and we both earned bronze in musical kata. Derrick competed in board breaking, self defense, flag sparring, kata, and musical kata. I did kata and musical kata.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

KayDee is 8!


KayDee is 8 and we know that this is a special age. She has really grown up in the last few weeks. I was wondering if she would be ready for the choice she would make to be baptized  and if she understood it all. I have no doubts now because her words and her actions show it. She wants to be baptized and knows what it means to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. KayDee loves to dance and sing. She is a really good reader and loves books. She plays the piano and loves to play outside and is fascinated with the insects and toads we have. She loves to jump on the trampoline and ride her bike. She is really good at teaching the family night lessons when it is her turn and also playing an opening or closing song on the piano. She is a good helper and loves to try anything when I ask her to help me cook. She does her part in doing jobs around the house, which are clean the bathroom sinks, mop all the tile floor and wipe off the table. She also works on the farm by helping move sprinklers and drag hoses. KayDee still loves to create things, especially with paper. I added pictures to show her paper creations as examples. We love our KayDee and are so grateful she is part of our family!