Friday, May 31, 2013


After we settled down from our move I told the kids they could pick sports or activities they wanted to do. Derrick chose baseball. We attempted to sign him up for the city league but then we found out all of the games for his age group would be about 35 miles away. This was frustrating since it already cost more since it was a private league. We decided to keep our promise and do baseball anyway. We invited everyone from our town to come and play, no matter what the age. Some weeks we had 16 kids and others we had 6. We successfully played baseball once a week for eight weeks. (Obviously after cub scouts.) We reached our goal of playing baseball and kept our promise!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Events

 Samantha was able to have a "late over". This means her parents won't let her have sleepovers so she can have friends stay late. She invited Ally from her class and Nikayla from our ward.

 We went to support my brother Andy and bro in-law Randy for the 1/2 Iron Man. It was a great race and a great time with family. The kids were able to play in the condo pool and I enjoyed using my distance lens on my camera. We stayed at my grandparents home with my parents. We had a great time!

 KayDee was invited by her previous Let's Play Music teacher, Laura, to play her composition in their recital. When we moved, she had one year left to complete the three year program. I worked with her and we did the best we could with Samantha and Derrick's old books. She created her own piano piece and memorized it and played it. It is called "Flower Petals Falling". Only the girls went to the recital since it was father's and sons that weekend. KayDee was nervous but she played her piece so well and received her certificate for completing the Let's Play Music program with a trophy!
 Samantha finished the year with a band concert. The 5th and 6th graders showed so much improvement from their Christmas concert. We enjoyed the music they played. Samantha had done much better since she was practicing more consistently. I believe she feels good about the work she has put in, and also knows she can accomplish hard things!
This was a not so great event. Kevin was cutting wood for the cub scouts on the table saw and ended up with this. The wood he used to feed the other wood jumped out of his hands and caused his hands to jump on the blade. He was so lucky and the wounds have healed and are not noticeable at all!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

13th Anniversary Camping

 Kevin and I met 13 years ago over Memorial Day weekend and here we are at the exact same campsite. We always go camping Friday to Saturday before Memorial Day no matter where we are. This time we left when Kevin got off work Fri and came home so he could go back to work Sat. We were able to go on the hike we went on that first trip. We did it twice, once on Friday and then again on Saturday. The kids were tired on Fri and had more energy Sat, since they knew where they were going. The kids enjoyed the tiny stream behind the tent and delegated areas for play. We really had a great trip and we plan to go next year!