Saturday, September 30, 2017

Harvest time!

The frost bit us early this year! Time to harvest! We canned green salsa (we had lots of green tomatoes), jalapeño salsa (lots of jalapeños), and decided to try canning some ham and bean soup. I had already made pickles since our cucumbers did really well this year. We grew a couple really nice watermelons and cantaloupe. We also got a few pumpkins. The kids picked and shucked corn a few weeks ago while I cut and froze it. They did 90 ears (yes, they counted)! We enjoyed zucchini and green beans for the last 2 months. We have a lot of spaghetti and banana squash again. We are still pulling carrots, beets, turnips and potatoes out of the ground. I'd say we had a great harvest!


We were able to go bowling with Utah Online School as a field trip. Everyone bowled really well and had fun. I tried bowling right handed (I usually bowl left handed but my right arm is buffer) and got a strike! We will have to go again to beat our scores!
Dual school enrollment has really worked out for us. The kids enjoy going to some classes and like going their own pace at home. We get finished earlier and can plan for vacations easier. It's a good balance for us this year. I'm enjoying being home more and being in the car less.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hunting Part 2

Well there's not much to report for the last part of our bow hunt trip. They saw more elk but weren't close enough to shoot. The biggest event happened at home while Sam tried to cook a potato in the microwave. She cooked it for 10 minutes, which would have been fine if there were 5 potatoes in there, but she only had one. It caught on fire and disintegrated. We were gone to an online school party and she had to stay home to cut hay. When we got home, she was worried and the house stunk! It was just an accident but she felt so bad to the point of wanting to buy another microwave. We have already found a replacement so no worries.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mystic Hot Springs

We decided to try the hot springs in Monroe and we're not disappointed. It was a little spendy, even after I talked the girl down, but it was a fun experience. The springs constantly flow and the water was always fresh, and warm or hot. I believe we will seek out free hot springs since we enjoyed this one so much.
On a side note, Kevin got really sunburned. That is the consequence of his farmers tan, haha!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cove Fort Days

We went to Cove Fort days this year and we finally got to ride the stage coach! The last time we tried, the horses needed a break right when it was our turn.  We went straight there and stood in line and it was worth the wait.
We looked at all the historical rooms and played old games. We stood in line for free ice cream and enjoyed the talents of pottery, tatting, metal and wood working.

2017 Bow Hunt Part 1

Kevin and Derrick both bought an archery tag for elk this year. In the past we have been hit or miss going on the hunt as a family and Kevin has had friends come here and there. This year, with the school situation, it was easier for us to go and it was just us for the opening days. We required the kids to get a week ahead for their online classes and we left right after the first day of high school. 

We immediately got a flat tire just north of Panguitch. I drove back home to grab the Excursion's spare while Kevin put his spare on. After seeing the condition of the truck spare tire, he decided he needed an extra spare which he picked up in Panguitch. There was a crack going around the inside wall of the tire, even though the spare was new, it had never been used for years. The spare I brought ended up having a bulge and the used tire they happened to have in Panguitch was pretty much used. Kevin drove on the cracked spare and made it just fine with plans to replace it when we got home. 

We brought 3 horses and each of the girls got to go on one of the hunts with them. I went on opening morning and we ended up in the middle of an elk herd, listening to them bugle back and forth. The trees and brush were thick so we only saw about 5 and there wasn't a clear shot. It was an amazing experience! Sam went with them that evening and had many adventures with Carmel, her horse. She hugged bushes she didn't want to hug and landed on her feet when she got swept off. Lots of laughs. The boys ended up getting off to sneak closer to some elk and left her with the horses. When they looked back her way, there was a large herd of elk right behind her. They tried hand signals to help her see but she was clueless until they started to run away. KayDee went on Monday morning and they didn't see any elk but they saw 2 coyotes and Derrick resumed the adventurous ride on Carmel as she insisted on jumping every log they came to. 

We enjoyed going to the Boulder ward on Sunday. We arrived early and talked with the family history consultant and looked at what we could do for our history. The kids enjoyed their youth classes and the teacher loved that they participated. It's a small ward so new was interesting. They wanted to go paintball with them this week but we won't be there for it. 

Kevin stayed to continue hunting and the rest of us came home for school the next day. I replaced the spare that goes to the Excursion and sent it back up with his parents to help the drive home be less exciting. 

Derrick went back with Kevin's parents today after school since they will be back before he has school again. 

Part 2 coming soon!

First day of School 2017

We have changed things up this year. We decided to do a combo of Utah Online school and high school this year. We were hoping to give the kids a break from all the negative that comes with public school and still have them participate in a positive way. Basically we are using the school system to our advantage and so far it is working.
Samantha is in 10th grade and wanted to do only "fun" classes at school so she chose show choir, ballroom dance and seminary. Derrick is in 8th grade and had to do the classes that were at the same time to keep drive time to a minimum. He is taking keyboarding, choir and English. The rest of their classes will be done online. KayDee is in 6th grade and is only doing Utah Online because she is still in elementary school.
They really enjoy the online classes and are doing well adjusting to our new schedule. Since we chose to do school this way, the older kids are in school 2-3 days a week for only the morning. We have scoped out activities they each want to do, especially KayDee, so they can participate with other kids doing things they enjoy. We think it will work well, but if it doesn't we can go back to the old way.

Monday, February 6, 2017

15 Years Old!

 Samantha spent her 15th birthday with the drill team performing at state. They did an awesome job and came away with 2nd place in all the dances and 2nd overall. Kevin and I drove up with the student bus as chaperones and Sam drove back with us. We had fun supporting her and her team!We celebrated her birthday the next day.

Samantha is a great teenager. We have loved her energy and her happiness. She enjoys pinterest with her friends and has texted more this year. She is still playing the piano and flute. She decided to start drawing again and still loves to read. She has enjoyed her year dancing with the drill team but plans to focus on music and drama next year. She helps at home with our rabbits and gets her chores done. She has cooked more this year and still loves to sing. She loves being unique even though it makes it hard to fit in sometimes. She got her braces off right before her birthday and loves the freedom retainers bring. We are looking forward to her getting her driving permit and continuing to learn and grow. She is a very good student and is getting straight A's as she enjoys most of her classes. She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and tries hard to make good choices. She enjoys going to the temple and seminary, which she said was a class that is priority to her.
We love Samantha and are so happy she is our daughter. She makes us smile and we love how she loves life. We enjoy her talents and learning from her.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sledding for Grandpa's Birthday

We went sledding for my dad's birthday since there was so much snow! It was a great time! Kevin kept waiting for the kids to move out of the way for his turn and they just took too long! He jumped on his sled and said "time to go bowling!" After that, he couldn't go down the hill without someone throwing snowballs or their tube at him. Kevin, Diane and I did some pretty awesome train sledding which received Kevin's consequences as well. Lots of laughing!
We enjoyed chili for dinner and brownies and ice cream to finish the celebration.

Friday, December 30, 2016

16th Anniversary

Kevin was in charge of our anniversary this year. He decided we should go to the Frontier Homestead State Park with the kids. It has some great historical machinery, carriages, and buildings.
Later that day Kevin took me snow shoeing. We borrowed them from a friend and went right behind our house with the dogs. It was a beautiful day and there was barely enough snow. It was sentimental since we went snow shoeing on our honeymoon.
I am so grateful for the support and love Kevin gives me. We continue to grow up together and we are still striving for the same things. We love the gospel of Jesus Christ, our family and each other. 16 down and many more to go!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2017

Christmas was at home this year because the weather was not good for driving. We planned to visit my parents for Christmas Eve but there were storm warnings that just kept getting worse. We decided to stay home and away from the possible harm. We traveled up after Christmas to do presents and went sledding and tried out my mom's drone! It all worked out well!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Starting December Off Right!

December was filled with many events this year. Samantha had her first drill team competition where they got 1st place in every category (we won't mention they were the only 1A school there).

 There was a band concert for both Derrick and Samantha.
Derrick got to go to the NFR with Kevin.

  KayDee performed her lyrical dance at her winter recital.
 Of course, I had another birthday!
 Derrick built a fantastic fort out of the amazing snow we got this year. Sadly, KayDee was sick for the elementary program this year and we totally forgot to go to the primary Christmas program. But we still feel like we had a great pre-Christmas, busy December.