Monday, February 28, 2011


Apparently it was my month of pain. I had two moles removed and STITCHES. It wasn't fun but the healing process wasn't too bad. It will take weeks to have the redness fade and a year to have my scars completely settle into being one with my skin. It had to be done sometime so why not now.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Visiting Grandparents

I have been visiting my grandparents once a week while they have been down here during the winter months. We enjoy the visits. I decided to bring my digital camera so they could see how it worked. Grandpa still has a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that over 1,000 pictures fit on that tiny card.  They enjoyed taking pictures but were still pretty frugal. I kept trying to tell them that we could just delete them when they were done. Grandpa insisted that he wasn't photogenic so Grandma deleted the ones she took of him. He also insisted that Grandma was VERY photogenic. I thought that was pretty sweet. Here is the duck/goose (the debate continues since it's large and honks) in their pond taken by Grandpa.


We woke up to 4 inches of snow Sunday morning Feb 20. It was Stake Conference which required us to drive 15 miles to the stake center, so we decided to not be on the snow covered roads with all those inexperienced southern Utah drivers. The kids enjoyed the perfect packing snow. I think this is the last snow. It usually snows big one last time in March so we'll see.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Passport Photo

Kevin needed a passport photo to renew his concealed weapon permit. Naturally the kids were next in line to get their picture taken and then I was the the only one left. It made sense for all of us to do it.

Ears Pierced X2

For Samantha's birthday she decided to get her ears pierced and I debated whether or not I was going to. I decided it would be good for me and if I really didn't like it, I could just take them out! We set the date, Feb11, and just did it!

 I made Samantha go first. I made sure to take care of the fact that this was a big deal for her and that she wouldn't chicken out! She did so great and the ladies did her ears at the same time. She was super tough and didn't even say ouch. She was so pleased since her cute little earrings came with a necklace. The stones are all butterfly shapes and light blue.
 Then it was my turn. I patiently waited for them to mark the ears. They had to be redone a couple times since KayDee bumped me, and the dots ended up in the wrong places to line up with the other ear. They finally got the dots settled.
 Then it was time. The first one hurt and the second felt like how they described it would feel. Samantha was tough, me not so much! I said ouch and then I said it again! I was really nervous and grateful Samantha was there so I wouldn't chicken out!
We had fun getting it done together and she is handling it great. I told her she could only get it done if she was big enough to take care of them. I showed her how to clean them and she does it by herself. She is miss independent and I love it! I love doing special things with my kids!

Sam's 9th Birthday

 Samantha is 9! I don't know if I believe it but I am happy about it. Samantha is such a talented girl. She learns things so well and really knows how to enjoy life. She has always been busy doing everything she can get her hands on. Now that she is older, she is directing it to many of her talents. She plays the piano so well and enjoys trying to figure out songs by ear. She loves to sing and still loves her baby dolls. She has always wanted to be a mother and still practices when she gets the chance. She is practicing baby sitting and has done great. Samantha is doing great in school. She is in the advanced reading and math this year. She is also learning all about how to find good friends and how to be a good friend.
We sure love that Samantha is part of our family. She brings us so much happiness and adventure. We love how she is always ready with a smile and willing to participate in all our family activities. Her testimony is growing in the gospel and she applies many things she knows to her life. She is very teachable. We love her so much and are so grateful that she is ours!

 We had a fun party for Samantha for her 9th birthday. We invited 6 girls (all of them came too!) and had a make over party with Mary Kay make-up. Rachel had given me some left over packets to do make-overs so the girls did their own and they had fun! I had to wipe off a lot of dark blush on some of those fair faces but eventually they were looking really good. Then we took pictures of each of them and made frames out of scrapbook paper. Samantha delivered them to the girls when I got the pictures developed. It was a great party especially since we finished with 10 minutes to spare! I enjoyed meeting her friends.

Samantha's Uncle DJ shares his birthday with her and when we get the chance they celebrate together. Kevin's parents and DJ with his girlfriend Whitney came out to our place to celebrate. Sam and DJ both seem pleased to share their special day with each other.