Thursday, August 27, 2009

Splash Pad

We went with the neighbors to the Splash Pad. We really enjoy having these kinds of free activities around.
Derrick didn't want to get in the water since it was really windy that day. He doesn't do well with wet and cold wind.
Samantha and KayDee decided to sun bathe to warm up a bit. We forgot swimsuits so colored unders worked well...

Hi Daddy!

While Kevin was gone hunting we took some pictures to say hi to him on Sunday. I sent one to him on his phone and the rest were mostly for the kids since they enjoyed talking about their dad. We put "piggy's" in KayDee's hair and had to take pictures to show dad that.
Derrick would say "Mom, I miss Dad" especially in the morning since Kevin eats breakfast with them. Samantha missed him tickling her before bed. I just missed him...We really love Daddy!


We gave away four of my neighbor's puppies by Sportsman Warehouse and Costco!The kids almost sounded like activists say "free the puppies".
Rachel and I couldn't stop laughing especially since the puppies were in a "cage".
It was fun to give my kids that experience, and we did give all of them away.

First Day of School

Samantha is in 2nd grade now and so grown up. Derrick just started kindergarten and so we have two kids growing up so fast. KayDee insists she is all grown up and can go too.
Samantha started school on Thursday and Derrick started on Friday. Derrick has had to go through the disappointment that school is only half day. We tried to explain that to him before school started but he didn't understand until it was happening. Now he goes happily and without the same conversation that he goes to school after lunch and he rides the bus home with Sam.
KayDee is still getting used to the idea that she is not going and for the past couple of days has finally not pouted when we drop Derrick off. I have never seen our KayDee pout so much so this is a new experience.
Both kids have already had teacher changes. Derrick's teacher changed because his other teacher started "Reading Recovery". Samantha's changed because there was a down syndrome girl coming into her class since her class had more Aid help. Her class was too large and so she was moved to another to even out numbers and also have more of a challenge (which she needs). She is super happy since her best friend is in her new class!
Everything always works out and hopefully we are done with dramatic changes...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Campbell Soup Cakes

So, we wanted to do something special for Rachel for her birthday and we like to make her fun cakes. Kevin had this brilliant idea to make Campbell soup cakes with a mug cake recipe he has. So on Sunday we made 5 mug cakes in the microwave and I frosted them even though they were a little warm and the frosting oozed a bit. We think they turned out really good! They tasted really good too...super chocolately!
Sooo.... Happy Birthday Rachel. We love you!

99 Ford Diesel

Here is the picture of our "new" truck. We really have enjoyed it. Kevin's co-worker mentioned that I was joining the other small girls that drive big trucks... I've noticed that too, but I have always driven big trucks so this one is easy!

The Pink Bus

The Primary went on field trip to the Jacob Hamblin home in Santa Clara and they took a pink bus. The bus is owned by some people in town and it is said that they were just fooling around ebay and put a low bid in and got it. It has couches for back seats but the rest looks like a regular bus. It was fun to tour the Jacob Hamblin home since there are so many well preserved items to look at. The history is really fun because it is about where we live. I'm not sure how they survived the summer heat though...