Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cookie Monster

The kids drew pictures of cookie monster at church and told Dad they drew a picture of him. He got a kick out of it. Then when I went shopping I found the perfect shirt for him for only $3 on clearance. We gave it to him for Father's Day and he wears it quite often on Sundays.

Just Playing

 Samantha took some pictures of the kids playing in our backyard with Dani. They have so much fun together.
 We finally got a picture of Charleene with us. For some reason we forget when we get to see her nearly everyday. We love the privileges of living next to a newborn! We don't mind holding her while Bree has things she needs to get done.
 Dani has developed different relationships with each of the kids and enjoys them for different reasons. Dani absolutely loves to giggle at Derrick. He is the worlds best comedian to her.
 KayDee is someone she can play, color and blow bubbles with. And Samantha likes to sing and dance and do all sorts of silly things with her.

KayDee is 6!

 KayDee is 6 and we are so happy she is, but her dad will probably tease her that she is "sick" instead of six the whole year. She will keep reminding her dad that it has an "X" not a "K". This birthday means a lot to her. She gets to start 1st grade and go to school all day like her brother and sister. She gets to eat at school and just be BIG! She loves to play outside and play with little toys and dolls. Those princesses still make her world magical and she loves to dress up like them too. She loves legos and kinects. She folds her laundry, wipes off the table and loves to mop!

She plays the piano and is reading really well. She just learned how to ride her bike without training wheels and is still working up the courage to ride on the dirt and rocks.
She is very helpful especially when mom is baking in the kitchen and loves to share. She helps dad at work and gets to move her very own wheel line sprinkler. She has been patient while we have been in transition moving to the farm and finds happiness in the little things. She loves to go to church and carry her own scriptures. Her prayers are always individual and genuine. She keeps track of the rules and gives hugs when we need them. We love our KayDee and are so happy she is part of our family. She is so special and makes us smile.

KayDee's Birthday

We celebrated KayDee's birthday with cousins who lived close. We went to the morning movie and then went to the park for cake and then swam at the pool. Aunt Mandy and Bree came with Dani and Charleene to the movie and the park. Then Aunt Roni with Shebli, Scott, and Chloe joined us at the park and swimming.
We had a great time and enjoyed the time with family. KayDee had a great birthday!

Derrick and Shelbi

Derrick, KayDee, Samantha, Shelbi and Chloe

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun in Vegas

 We were able to go to Las Vegas to visit my sister LeAnn's family. Maryn had her birthday party and a dance concert. The kids have so much fun together and it was fun to visit! We went out to dinner and they sang happy birthday to Maryn and KayDee (her birthday was in a couple days) and got ice cream and balloons.