Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1st Crop

Derrick and the lizards


Samantha helping her dad

Kevin cleaning the shop
Kevin started working for his family farm this June and these are pictures from first crop. I let the kids loose with the camera and ended up with over 50 pictures and decided to post just one of everyone.
The kids enjoyed spending time in the tractor with their dad. They came back with their very own hay cube. Out of all the kids KayDee seemed to enjoy herself to the fullest, asking if she could drive and keeping track of numbers on the wagons and how many tires. The other two heard about it and had more fun the next rounds. I love that the kids get to spend more time with their dad one on one.
The Dogs: Daisy and Sitka
Doing dishes

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fisher Reunion

Samantha and Derrick jumping off the diving board. It is quite an accomplishment.

We went to the Fisher Reunion, which is my mom's side, and had a great time swimming and eating and visiting. I made Bon Bon's for the auction dessert and they were so WONDERFUL that my Aunt Jean called for the recipe!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

KayDee is 5

 KayDee is 5 and she is so excited about it! She has been looking forward to this age since she has wanted to go to school like her older brother and sister. Now she can go to kindergarten!
She has been going to preschool and doing an online preschool called UPSTART which has helped her with the first stages of reading. She knows all her letters and sounds and can sound out words. She has memorized words like: the, and, me, my and several others. She can read the Dick and Jane books by herself!
She loves to color and write notes to family. She loves to draw princesses. KayDee is a lot more brave riding bikes now and has gained confidence with swimming lessons. She loves her dog Daisy and has taken care of a spot in the garden that she planted, which includes zucchini and cucumber. She loves ladybugs and catches toads. She can shower by herself too!
KayDee loves to say prayers and has been very interested in the resurrection. She wants to make sure that it will be okay when we die.

 We invited friends from church, school, and music class to her birthday party. Nearly all showed up and they had a fantastic time in that tiny pool.
We set up the pool and she received pool toys to share while her friends were there. The water twister pad was a hit as well.
Happy Birthday KayDee!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Derrick's 1st Grade Program

 Derrick with the rest of the 1st grade presented Aesop's Fables. They all did a great job with their parts and singing. Derrick memorized and said his part so well.
 They sang and gave speaking parts for several fables. Derrick's part was for the Dog and the Bone.

Petro Glyphs

 We went on another hike to see these petroglyphs.
 There are numerous rocks with random amounts of carvings.
 This ledge is where the petro glyphs are looking over the river.
 I think some of these look like feet or hands. There are quite a few animals too, so they're probably tracks.
 Kevin found this on our way out while he was looking for a water bottle. We signed it and put it back. We still need to go online to report that we found it. It was wedged in some rocks, hidden.
This hike was great since Kevin had the day off and could come with us. The older kids were in school so we took KayDee. Two ladies from the ward went with us too!