Friday, April 17, 2009

Christine's Wedding

Christine and JR were married on April 9 and we went up to visit for the long weekend. We drove up and back with my grandparents and the kids did pretty good. Kevin ended up staying home since he had to work.
Christine was married at a golf course in Spanish Fork and we all drove over in a procession. The kids were running everywhere and family and friends were chatting. The ceremony was only a few minutes but it was very sweet to see how happy they are together! Welcome to the family JR!
My oldest nieces looked gorgeous in the sage green bridesmaid dresses. It was a fun evening.
On Monday we had a Bridal Sisters Lunch and we went to Zupa's. The food was good and we had fun enjoying each other's company. Then we headed out for the four hour drive immediately after to go home.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grandma Ipson's Funeral

This was such a great funeral. Grandma Ipson was turning 90 this month and the date of the funeral was the date of Grandma and Grandpa Ipson's wedding anniversary. It is very sweet.

It was a great experience for our kids. We stopped and explained to the kids how funerals work and what happens with our bodies and our spirits when we die. Samantha was in tears thinking about it. It was interesting to explain to not be afraid and it is okay to feel sad. It is an experience we have not had yet.

When we said good-bye before they closed the casket, Samantha again was weeping and it was so sweet to see her recognition of death and to see my sweet Samantha is growing up.

I really enjoyed seeing Kevin's family together and to take pictures of his aunts and uncles with his mom. Seeing his great aunts Mary and Viola was really sweet too especially since we don't see them often and they send such great Christmas cards each year.

Listening Ears and Sunglasses

Preschool gives us many reasons to laugh. I found this activity for preschool one day and it turned out pretty fun. The kids just cut out ears and sunglasses and wore them for the day. My kids wore them for the longest period of time by far so I had to take a picture of their pleasure in wearing paper ears and glasses.