Friday, November 30, 2012

70th wedding Anniversary!

Although these pictures were taken with my phone and are blurry, they are so much fun! We went to my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary party and were happy to celebrate with all of our extended family. We saw cousins we hadn't seen in a long time and enjoyed the food, memories and dancing. We are so blessed to be part of our family. We are happy for the examples my grandparents have been and we are so glad they are part of our lives.

Derrick is 9!

 Derrick has turned 9 and we just don't know where the time has gone! Each of our kids have made sacrifices this year while we have been in transition moving to the farm. They have not had birthday parties or played sports or done other activities since Kevin and I have been busy working to complete our house. They have done a great job being patient and doing the best with our situation!

Talking about each child for their birthday is now one of my favorite things. It is hard to think back and notice the things each child has done but I enjoy the opportunity that I get to do that because I want to remember what I love about each of our children and the things they are learning and the skills they are building.
Derrick has had a good year. He has been especially tolerant and has found a lot of joy despite living in a crammed space. He absolutely adores playing with his 3 year old cousin Dani and enjoys doing things outside like flying kites, building thing out of scraps and riding bikes. He is still inventing things. We have seen him make a submarine out of cardboard, a () and several things out of legos. At home, he does well keeping his room clean and cleans the tub each Saturday. He also sweeps, wipes off the table and does dishes when it is his turn. Derrick is building his basketball skills and really enjoys scouts. He looks forward to baseball season since he missed out last year. He has started a trading store at school where he makes things out of paper or has pencils and erasers so the other kids can trade for things they like. He is still playing the piano and still loves to read. His favorite books are the Hank the Cowdog series and he has also enjoyed the 39 Clues. Derrick is very diligent about bringing his scriptures to church and has been learning how to bear testimony of things he knows are true.  His prayers are very thoughtful and he has been able to fast on fast Sundays, especially when he has a purpose.
We love that Derrick is in our home and appreciate his efforts as part of our family to keep our home a happy place. We love how he tries hard to choose the right and make others happy. He makes us happy!