Sunday, June 14, 2015

KayDee's 9th Birthday

KayDee has turned 9 and she is getting so big! She wanted me to make her a dress so badly and I finally got it finished just in time for her birthday. We have had the fabric for years and she loves wearing it! We spent her birthday camping at the Grand Canyon this year.
We are so pleased with KayDee and all she is doing. She is a great helper at home and has learned how to cut up vegetables, make toast and other food she enjoys. She is always willing to do her assigned jobs to clean the bathroom sinks, wipe off the counters and mop the floor.
She absolutely loves carrots, bananas and dried fruit. She and Derrick have enjoyed playing and creating with legos, and she has been enthralled with Pokeman cards.  She was so happy she got her own deck for her birthday. She really enjoys playing video games on her DS, especially the Pokemon game. KayDee still plays the piano and is excellent at planting vegetable in the garden. She has a delicate eye for details and also loves to read books. She is very good at playing board games and often wins, especially Monopoly. She started wearing glasses this year and has really liked them. She is an excellent whistler, and she still loves to draw and create things with paper. She loves going on adventures around the farm with Derrick to pick up bullet shells or other sought after items like lizards. She also loves to jump on the trampoline and ride her bike.
KayDee is very thoughtful when we read scriptures and have family night. She listens and wants to understand. She loves bringing her scriptures to church and everyone loves hearing her sing the hymns and primary songs because she has such a strong voice. She is very good at being accountable for her actions and accepts responsibility for the role she plays in our family.
We love our KayDee and are so glad she is part of our family. She makes us happy with her devoted hugs and unconditional love. Her sweet humming and whistles that fill our day makes us smile.