Friday, September 18, 2009


This was our group and the starting point!
We hiked in the morning sun across various types of trails-rocks, dirt, bushes,etc.This path was obviously made over time. I think we are going the right way Wade! ;)

Going down to get into the subway.
Entering the SUBWAY!
We are wet and COLD! I like this picture even though it's sort of blury since it reminds me of shivering! I would give wonderful hugs to Kevin which he didn't want but took anyways when we got through with a water passage. It made him colder somehow....
Exiting the Subway. Drying off and enjoying the warmer hugs!There was a butterfly...and some waterfalls...and gorgeous engraved rocks...and a slippery slide waterfall...and some fish which liked hands for some reason.

This was really an AWESOME hike and I would love to do it again. Next year, everyone who wants to come with us, let us know! Thanks for inviting us Wade and Sheri!


Derrick is so excited to be in Kindergarten. He has even been invited to a birthday party from one of his classmates and is super excited about it! He comes home and tells us which letters he learns and reads the books to us that he has made. I've passed his classroom after helping in Sam's class and seen him smiling and enjoying himself each time, and he was giving a "play by play" on how to put his paper away one time. THAT'S MY BOY! KayDee is horribly jealous but has started taking ownership of being three and not old enough to go to school yet. Samantha remembers all the same kindergarten things and loves that he is doing what she did.
Once again, I took this picture to save us $$$. He picked his out and I love his eyes and ears in this one!

2nd Grade

Samantha is so BIG! We love her so much. She is the life of the party at our house! She loves to read to her brother and sister all the fairy books she brings home from school. She isn't too into the spelling sorts but does them anyways and math is easy when we practice. I love reading all the explanations she writes on her papers she brings home that show her sparkling personality. Kevin just smiles when she tries to explain what is happening in the next Jewel Fairy book. It is really fun to have a second grader at out house!
I did end up taking her picture so we could save A LOT of money! She picked this one out of the many.