Friday, September 30, 2011

School Carnival

The kids school has a carnival every year to help raise money for supplies and to fund programs for the school. The kids had fun in all the bounce houses and Samantha enjoyed the gladiator one. I tried to stand in line for the Water Walkers (you can see it in Samantha's picture) but the line really didn't move for the 45 minutes that I stood there. Kevin got in line for these bumper boats and the kids were able to do them before the carnival ended. We had a great time and love that our school tries to get the best stuff for our kids!

Picture Day

Derrick 2nd Grade

KayDee Kindergarten

Samantha 4th Grade
The night before we prepared so we wouldn't have so much to do. I put foam curlers in KayDee's hair so it would hold curl. I doused Samantha's hair with gel so we could get successful curls in the morning. I gave Derrick a hair cut so we wouldn't have to work too hard to make his hair look great. We picked out clothes for them to wear and set them out. Morning came and the kids got ready with lots of ease and my bathroom was more full than normal, including the counter. We managed to get Derrick's hair to spike with gel, hair spray and blow drying. Samantha's hair curled perfectly and we found a clip to match. KayDee's curls were more tight than expected but a cute hair band makes her look adorable. I was hoping those curls would relax a little for the school picture but they never did. We had 10 minutes before the bus came and so we went to the yard to take pictures so I don't have to buy them from the school.
I arrived at the school to help teachers and the photographers needed help so I helped in the afternoon and received a free package for KayDee. That makes me happy since I like the kids to have at least one picture taken from the school. I think it is exceptional when things work out that way.

Hunting at Boulder

We went hunting up Boulder Mountain over Labor Day weekend. Kevin took each of the kids with him each time he went out so they all had one on one with Grandpa and Dad. Kevin's parents were there and some friends to scope out the elk for the rifle season.
Derrick and Samantha each went early in the morning (notice there are no pictures from 6 am) and went on horses. KayDee went in the evening and they went on the 4-wheeler.
Samantha's ride ended up being more exciting than she wanted. The horse shifted and she fell off and then later it reared up as it was avoid climbing over fallen trees. Although she was skeptical that she'd ever be smiling about that situation, the next day she was happy she had a story to tell her teacher and friends at school.
I have to note that I had a great time camping in our tent and cooking on the fire. I bought some cast iron pans and used our dutch oven to cook straight on the fire. Eggs and bacon, lasanga, pancakes, hot chocolate... Kevin would get back to camp and ask expectantly about what I had cooked and if there were left overs for him. That's exactly how I like it!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Motorcycle DUDE!

There he is. All decked out in his leather ready to ride to work. He's looks pretty smokin!