Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ice Skating

 My parents took us ice skating at the 7 peaks arena. They had little walkers to help the kids learn how and all three were able to skate without them by the end. Derrick's a little disappointed since there is no picture of him without the walker. He did skate the majority of the time without one.
 Samantha was the first one brave enough to skate by herself. She enjoyed the rest of the time by learning how to go faster and watching other skaters do some tricks. She was the last one off the rink.
 Kevin and I were finally able to hold hands when no child needed our help. We like to skate together.
KayDee was so funny to watch. She would push her walker and then skate fast to catch it in front of her. We convinced her to give her walker to another little kid and she didn't want to leave the rink since she loved skating by herself so much. She did have a couple of hard falls since she virtually had no fear and she ended up with a terrible blister on her ankle but these will not deter her from skating again.
All of us had a great time!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flag Football

 Derrick played his first game of flag football and absolutely LOVED it! He loves playing with all those boys and having fun learning how to play the game.
1st game
1st game

Team Pictures
Cold day at Derrick's game
 This was the coldest game. I donated my coat so Derrick could be warm enough. The wind was brutal so I bundled up in the blanket with the girls and kept warm. Derrick had fun after he was warm! They happened to have team pictures on the coldest day, so both teams were in the picture. Kevin's parents came to one game and that made Derrick VERY happy.