Friday, June 25, 2010

East Canyon Trip

We decided to go on a long trip to visit my family and go to East Canyon Resort with them. It rained pretty much the whole time and being a dixie person, I did not pack well for the weather. Even though it was June, it was much cooler, and shorts and jackets didn't cut it but we survived the 40-50 degree weather pretty well considering.We were able to spend time with my sister-in-law Cheris and her 3 boys while we were there. They played mini golf, board games and we frosted cupcakes for KayDee's birthday.We stayed at my parents house the next week and were able to visit with my sister Diane with her boys and my sister-in-law Celeste for an afternoon. I was also able to get some stuff done with Kevin's Aunt Linda to keep my health up. We enjoyed playing in the hot tub and did figure out how to unlock temperature-Thank goodness!!!The fire station had a statue dedicated to Phil Whitney and we went to see it and the new fire station. It was really neat to see.We were also able to see our friends the Portillo's and they had a surprise for us. They had a four month old daughter. She is 12 years younger than their youngest child Heidi. Her name is Lindsay and she is adored by all 3 of her teenage siblings. What a fun surprise for them and for us!My mom is in charge of the Activity Day girls in her ward and Samantha was able to go with them to a Cub Scout Day Camp they do for boys and girls up Hobble Creek Canyon. She had a fantastic time and it really worked out well for her to have this opportunity. Samantha did rockets, BB guns, archery, boats, and dumped water through pipes. She was thrilled to go!
On Friday I was able to go to the Timpanogos Temple with my family. My parents, Christine, JR, and Diane came. We had a nice time.We came home Saturday evening and were welcomed by a very happy husband and dad. Kevin was thrilled to have us home. He had accomplished a lot while we were gone, including getting the apartment ready for renters again.

Princess KayDee is 4

Our youngest child is 4! We are so please we have KayDee and she is such a fun girl. She loves getting bigger so she can do the things Samantha and Derrick can do. She is so energetic and loves to entertain us. She is constantly making faces and silly smiles at us. She is a good helper and can make her bed, fold her laundry and clean up all her toys by herself. She can write her first name legibly and enjoys coloring and finding K's in books and papers we read. We love our KayDee!
We had an early birthday party since we were going to visit my parents during her birthday. Kevin wanted to be there for her birthday party at least. She has been collecting the Disney Princess dolls that have those rubber clothes and has completed her set happily. She was so happy that it was her birthday and thrilled that she was sung to in primary too!

Reservoir Overflow

For family night we went to see the reservoir overflow. We saw it from the road and then decided we should use the 4 wheel drive and drive closer. We were able to drive close enough to get right to the water's edge. There truly was a lot of water coming down. Our dog, Daisy, wanted to get to another dog on the other side and tried to jump in to get there. Fortunately she was smart enough to get out of the fast current and stay safe with us. It was an adventurous family night. I wanted to go back and get some better pictures in different light but the reservoir currently does not overflow right now. Maybe next year!

Blooming Cactus

The cactus in our yard were blooming at the beginning of June and it is especially nice because yellow flowers are my favorite. I was really excited to take pictures of them this year and I think they turned out great!

Kindergarten Graduation

Yes, Derrick has graduated from Kindergarten! He passed with flying colors and is ready for first grade, although I am sure he is loving the summer break! The graduation consisted of all the kindergartners singing songs about things they had learned throughout the year. He did great! Derrick is getting so big and he is such a good boy. We are proud of him!

My Wonderful Kids

Sometimes I just have to take pictures of our adorable children. They are so precious to me and they are such good kids. I am so grateful I am their mom.

More fun in the Sun

My parents visited again and we took advantage of a warm day. This year's weather has been unusual with all the rain and cool temperatures. We rarely got a warm day. Even this day was not very warm but it was good enough for kids that were ready for some sun. My mom ended up taking these pictures and it was great how she accidentally got the Dixie "D" in the arch. We had another good visit.

Ladies Paintball

It pays to know people. I know Rachel and she knows someone else who knows someone else. So now that is figured out, we paintballed with just the girls. Rachel's brother and his bro-in-law ref-ed (not that it would have got out of hand but I think they just enjoyed being part of it). I got shot and bruised. It hurts even when you use paintballs that are supposedly softer shelled. I admit I am a wimp but it was a great adventure and I think I'll wear armor next time. Thanks for inviting me Rachel!

Let's Play Music Year 2 Recital

The kids had their recital for Let's Play Music in May and they did such a great job. They are finished with year 2 and will start year 3 in the fall. The third year is the last year of classes where they will perform a piece of music they compose by themselves at the end of year recital. It is a great music program and I feel so blessed they can be part of it.
There were two classes and each class played 3 songs together while the other class sang. Samantha and Derrick were in separate classes and both did excellent performing.


The kids wished for a horse and a horse they got. Kevin's parents happily spoiled the kids when they heard they really wanted a horse. Dakota arrived in our pasture May 1st and has been enjoying himself immensely, there is a lot of green grass to eat. He will leave at the end of the summer. The kids are ecstatic! Kevin saddles Dakota when he is home for the day and the kids sit on him for hours. At first they rode together but now they ride by themselves, practicing how to lead him correctly. Kevin has to hop on every now and then to help remind Dakota to not be so lazy when he is being led. KayDee is a little unsure but she enjoys being on him with me or Kevin. We are so grateful the kids have this opportunity and they are so happy too!