Thursday, February 28, 2013

Derrick's 3rd Grade Program

 Derrick's 3rd grade program was based on the settlers of the area. They sang many western songs and did some great dances. Of course they had speaking parts. The 3rd grade also honored an older gentleman in the community.
 This song was our favorite. Derrick's friend, Ellen, did so well playing it and singing it (especially for a 3rd grader). He was able to do the actions for it. "The life of a cowboy, who could ask for more?"
 This was absolutely amazing for these 9 year olds. They looked like they had a blast with this square dance!
 Here's the line dance.
 Another song Derrick did actions for as a clown.

Derrick still sings the songs and enjoys talking about the program. It was fun to see all the preparation and participation the kids were able to do.


We signed the kids up for basketball this year. Derrick and KayDee did city league and Samantha did a high school league. KayDee did a lot of skipping and was able to dribble the ball when the kids passed it to her. She was the smallest one on her team but she had a great time skipping back and forth. Derrick's age did half court 3 on 3 and he made a basket!  Sam's league didn't have enough girls sign up so they got a lot of one on one attention. She really enjoyed it and can't wait until next year!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kevin in Cub Scouts

Kevin was called as the Bear Den Leader and I am his assistant. We have a very energetic group of boys so it's very nice to have someone with a deeper voice to keep them in order. We have been able to accomplish a lot and we love having Derrick in our den with us. He is nearly done with his bear, that's the perk of having your parents be the leaders!

Off Road

 We went off roading with our friends John and Larry, and Kevin's brother Milt and his family. We went to an off road park where we could crawl over some rocks and climb to the top of the mountain.
 This is our truck.
 Milt had his Blazer and John took his Nissan.
John right, Larry left
 Here's John and Larry. They were so much fun and they had fun watching Kevin and Milt compete a little over the big hills.
 The kids enjoyed the top of the peaks and stretched their legs.
The adults just kept talking. There was so much to say and enjoy with each other. We had lunch together after (John's and Larry's treat).
We were happy to have an off road trip with John again. It has been 6 years since we met him and his wife stranded down a slippery, snowy slope. We have loved their friendship since. We were glad we were able to see John and Kay over Christmas twice! We had dinner with them and later they were able to stop by on Christmas day and see our new house. We look forward to seeing them again soon.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lost tooth, silly faces, snow skiing and donating hair

 KayDee lost her second tooth. It was very eventful. We had to use a string since another tooth was partly on top of it and wouldn't allow her to wiggle it out. After the 2nd attempt the tooth camp flying out and we couldn't find it anywhere. It was stuck in the wall!
 Silly 1
 Silly 2
 Samantha had a 5th grade ski trip and parents could come along. It was discounted for the lift and the rentals and Kevin and I took the opportunity. Kevin had never been skiing and so he learned with Sam. After a few rounds they had the hang of the bunny hill and could make it down without falling. We were able to go the next month too and Kevin snuck up on Sam and they ended up running into a tree. Very funny!
Sad story for a good cause... After hearing many complaints about brushing her hair, I told Samantha that I would cut it if she couldn't figure it out. The next thing we knew the scissors were out and we had 10.5 inches in her hand. This picture was taken a few days later since there were many tears and no happy thoughts. She donated it to the Dove foundation to be used for wigs. She enjoys it now but wishes for the long locks still.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Samantha is 11!

This is our family party for her.

 This is her friend party. We drove all of her kids to our home from the church and back again in LOTS of snow. They watched a movie (Scooby Doo 2) and made personal pizzas.

Samantha has turned 11 and its time to brag about her! I know this is a little late but I am not missing the opportunity to say how great she is.
Samantha has been busy with piano and flute. She still loves babies and wants to hold them any chance she gets. She enjoys babysitting for her little cousins Dani and Charleene. She is doing really well in school in every subject. She doesn't like homework so she does it on the bus or during class or recess. She still loves to read and is enjoying silly books like Dork Diaries and Fable Haven. Samantha is in charge of doing dishes every day every time. She has not loved this job but she has done it willingly with a good attitude, and she is getting better at it everyday. She also gets to clean the toilet each week and that has not been a fun task, but she does it anyway. Samantha keeps her room very tidy and organized. There's a lot of stuff in her little room but she has found a place for everything.
Sam has been busy with friends this year and has had the ups and downs of being in fifth grade. We were able to go on the 5th grade field trips to snow ski and help teach her how to ski. She did a great job and she's ready for next year!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Farm Bureau Trip

 We went to our first overnight Farm Bureau Meeting. Kevin had meetings all day and I was able to join him for a few. I wasn't sure what to expect at first but we had a lot of fun. This is the play ground at the hotel. We went swimming, shopping and played ping pong avlot!

On our way home we were invited to visit a YF and R home and see their success. The kids really enjoyed the animals.