Monday, April 19, 2010

Why don't friends with kids have time?

I so copied this from LeAnn. I have not had friends that are rude but I myself have had a hard time figuring out what I do all day and why I am tired. This explains it pretty well and now I don't feel like I do nothing all day. I AM BUSY AND IT IS WORTH IT!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Laub Family Picture

The traditional family picture after a baby blessing. Kevin's family is getting so big and it is so fun. We bring the tripod and just do it, and they turn out pretty good.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter at Grandma's

On Monday, I was able to take the kids to Kevin's family Easter basket hunt. Unfortunately Kevin had to work but we did bring home his basket, so he didn't completely miss out. We were able to visit with a couple of his siblings and parents.

Derrick all the sudden said "I found my basket. Can I have it?"
The response was "Is your name on it?"
"Then yes, you can have it."

After that the girls set to out to find theirs. Samantha and KayDee found theirs pretty quick and I had to be reminded to find mine. I was used to just watching the kids hunt so I didn't even think to hunt for mine.

We left early to start our irrigation and it was RAINING! It slowed as I drove south and by the time I got home there was hardly a sprinkle. I turned on the water and it started hailing! The ground was covered as if it were snow. Very soon after it melted and that is why I take pictures. White precipitation doesn't last long here so we document it so others will believe us!

Easter at Home

We celebrated Easter at home by watching conference and then coloring warm eggs with crayons inbetween sessions. It was so much more fun than dye. The kids don't have to be so patient and it is so less messy. The eggs turned out really cute-I should have taken a picture of them. All of us had so much more fun than any other egg coloring experience, including Kevin and I. It may become our tradition.
Since there was soooo much candy at the previous hunt, we decided just to give them the toys to hunt for and a large candy. I found metal shovels for a dollar at target, bug collector necklaces and goggles for swimming too. Immediately after the hunt we ate our eggs for lunch and the kids set out to find some bugs! Samantha found a spider, Derrick and KayDee a box elder bug each in the garden. Success!

Town Eastern Hunt

The Rodeo Committee in our town pulls together great gatherings for our community. They put on an Easter egg hunt on Saturday that was really great and filled the baskets to the brim in some cases (namely Derrick).
I pushed record on the VCR for the first session of Conference, loaded kids in the car, picked up two neighbor kids and off we went to the park. The Committee has figured it out so the kids only smile and the little ones don't get pushed around.

First they set up all the eggs and candy, and then they let the 0-3 year olds go first for a couple minutes. After they clear the little ones, they allowed the 4-7 year olds a head start before the older kids were allowed on the grass. It works out perfectly and there were many smiling faces.

I think we have enough starburst jelly beans to last us a few months.

Play Date

We had a play date with the neighbors over Easter break. We were going to hike the Bowl but plans did not work out so we ran around the rocks by the neighbor's home instead.

The kids had fun just being in the wind, climbing, digging and following each other around exploring.

Daisy was put in her place by the 2 adult dogs there and tried to be a part of their play. The dogs would play fetch and Daisy would get growled at, so she would casually tag along instead of try to get the ball.

We attempted to bring a lunch but after the kids made their sandwiches, they ate them so we just brought snacks. My house does not have "regular snacks" meaning, I grabbed a head of romaine lettuce, big carrots, homemade granola bars and strips of cheese I cut, and of course dry fruit. To my surprise, the neighbor kids enjoyed the lettuce too! Store bought, processed snack food is overrated and expensive.

Overall, our random playdate worked out well, and Jean never figured out her computer issues but at least we were able to be outside.


We were able to visit with my parents while they came down to investigate the housing market down here. I went with them to see the homes available in the area and the kids enjoyed looking at a lot of empty rooms that echoed (especially garages). We were able to have dinner with my grandparents too at Iceberg. There were a lot of fries and ice cream to eat! I don't think we will have that problem when the kids are bigger.

Ladies Backpacking Trip

My friend Sheri invited me to go on a Ladies overnight hike to the Low Lands in Zion. Four of us left on Monday morning and we hiked about 5 miles in and set up camp. Then we hiked out about 5 more miles to finish the trail. It was a nice break to be away and do something as an individual person, instead of as my constant mom and wife job description. Although everything didn't go exactly as planned at home and I had extra work when I got back, it will be taken care of better if I go again. It was a learning experience for Kevin and the kids. I really appreciate that Kevin, Rachel, Justin, and Jean were able to take care of my responsibilities while I was gone and give me that support. Fortunately I wasn't sore except for the ankle I twisted. I figured I'd be hurting from the pressure of the pack on my hips or at least my feet. It is great that I can stay in shape enough to do fun things that I like. The hike was interesting with petrified wood EVERYWHERE, and cactus, neat rocks, riverbeds (dry and wet), and the company was great!

Zion in March

We decided to end spring break by going to Zion. We went on Monday, March 15th and it was really cold. We camped Sunday night and got up super early so we could get in without paying before 7am. We successfully entered and waited for the Tram to open until we asked someone what time the Tram starts, and he told us April 1st. We would have been waiting for a long time! Anyway...we were able to drive to the trails we wanted to hike. It was very cold in the morning and warmed up by lunch. One hike we did was Emerald Pools. The kids did so well and there were many people huffing and puffing who were in awe that our children were hiking so easily. Those who have children know that it isn't that amazing since kids have ENDLESS energy. For being out of shape, I didn't think the hike was difficult at all, but maybe it is because I chase the endless energy around everyday. We had lunch, visited MaryJane in Springdale and headed home. It is so fun to go with children that are completely able to hike. We plan to go back when it is warm, but realistically when it is hot.
Derrick enjoying the Upper Emerald Pool. He enjoyed wearing the water pack for most of the hike.
Samantha enjoying the many ways to hike in and through rocks. She was helpful wearing the backpack for part of the hikes and she mastered only walking on the trails this trip.
KayDee all bundled up!
She had to make sure she jumped off each rock as we walked back down the trail.

Kevin is 29 AGAIN!

It will never end but at least it is easy to keep track of. Kevin is 29 for the third time and very proud of it. Unfortunately, like everyone else, his body is feeling some effects of aging-Crazy I know since he is constantly in tip-top shape. His last present has just arrived today (a month late) but he won't complain since they are towing mirrors for the 99 diesel! I'm sure some time will be spent putting them on tonight.

Big Egg-Poor Chicken

This egg is HUGE! That poor chicken. We didn't get to eat it since it was cracked when we found it. Look at the size difference! We haven't seen another one but if we do, we want to eat it. Chickens are amazing!