Saturday, November 30, 2013

Derrick's 10th Birthday

Derrick invited his friends over for a Lego building birthday party. They had different items to create and competed to see who could get done first. We took pictures of each item they made and then let them all watch a slide show afterward. It was fun.
On Sunday we invited local family over for his birthday dinner.

Derrick's spotlight:
Derrick has grown up a lot this past year. He is in 4th grade now and has made a lot of effort to do well in school. His teacher requires a lot of personal responsibility and Derrick has stepped up to the plate. He has started taking karate and loves it, and his mom decided to do it with him and they have loved doing it together. They are both yellow belts now. Derrick still takes piano lessons and plays really well. He likes to play the simplified primary songs and enjoys the Christmas song he picked out.  He still loves to read and loves to create things. He loves legos and erector sets, and even got a motor to put on the erector set. He loves to go shoot his BB gun and work with his dad. He has even driven the truck twice now while working with his dad, just from the shop to our house. Derrick has also done very well in scouts and has received his Bear award and is very excited about Webelos. He loves to play outside and still loves riding his bike. He just learned how to play chess and loves it! He also loves the Lego Star Wars game on the Wii.
Derrick is such a good son. He really adds a lot to our family. He is very helpful and tries his best when doing his chores which are cleaning the tub and shower and putting in the dishes. He is thoughtful toward others and really likes to tease too! He gives very nice family night lessons and is always willing to say prayers when it is his turn. He enjoys going to church and brings his scriptures each Sunday. He likes to keep things fair and likes following the rules. He has made different meals for us like tacos and ramen noodles. He also likes to tell all about his day and share stories and jokes.
We love Derrick and feel so blessed that he is in our home. He brings us so much happiness and we are so proud of the choices he makes to learn and grow.