Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So we had a busy Halloween. We saw Samantha in the school Halloween parade. Clearly, she is a Fairy Princess and being shy. Derrick got to pick out a costume at the Dollar store since $1 is a good deal for a costume. He picked the SWAT armor and it was nice since I didn't have to paint his face. KayDee was a butterfly and barely survived her costume so it was a good choice this year. I wore an old, shiny dress and Kevin went as a mechanic who over charges people (he claimed he was the scariest of all).
After we went to all the houses in town we went to the Halloween party. Kevin and Justin did the doughnut eating contest. I don't know who won but the picture is really good! Our favorite part about Halloween is the candy sorting. As parents of young children who have extremely full bags from a very generous community, we have the duty to make sure their candy is distributed appropriately. We take candy out to save for other events (like pinatas or Christmas). After all that sorting, our kids ended up with a large bowl full, which they completely enjoyed for days! Samantha learned what it was like to get sick from eating too much candy.

The Mystery Machine

So, I made another car and I am posting it because it takes time to paint! Kevin requested The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. We try to pick a car that doesn't take a lot of cuts so this is what we came up with. Kevin cut and sanded it at work and I bought the paint, picked up the car from him, and painted it in the car. This we accomplished the day of the Pinewood Derby. The tires were nailed on in the church parking lot. We did place higher this year and we won most colorful car.

Just Girls

We went to the Laub Girl's Weekend this year. I took KayDee and Samantha and we drove up with Rachel. We played games, watched movies, quilted, played the Wii, did makeovers and went for a hike.

Not to mention, we ate some really good food. The homemade granola was my favorite!

Grandma Laub and Samantha were the brave ones to get make-up and hair done.

Samantha took the picture of us on the hike.

Kevin and Derrick stayed home and slept in the camper since Kevin had too many things to do Saturday to drive it into the wilderness.