Thursday, April 30, 2015

Payson Temple Open House

Spring Dance Recital

 Samantha was on the senior team this year which is 7th and 8th graders.
 Samantha is the one being lifted
 KayDee's lyrical.
 KayDee's jazz dance. She is super flexible and has great leg lifts and splits!
Sam in the Hip Hop. It was difficult for her at first because she was used to lyrical and jazz. Once she got her groove, she enjoyed it!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Honey Bees

So we had a super busy weekend. It finally rained and we got baby lambs and the honey bees came. We couldn't put them in the hive until the weather was better but we had to get it done. Kevin heated up one of the outbuildings on the farm and he and Travis went to work placing the queen, spraying sugar water on them and shaking them into the boxes. We were watching and of course some of the bees flew out and naturally one flew directly into my eye. I'm sure my reaction of blinking and then flicking it off my eye was not good for this scenario. I did get stung on my eyelid. It hurt but not too bad, and Bree was able to use a credit card to flick the stinger out. Now my eye is swollen but not shut. It could have been worse. The transfer of bees to boxes went well and they will be checked in a couple weeks. Hopefully they liked their queen and the hive.

Baby Lambs

Look at our baby lambs! They are so cute! These little lambs' mothers couldn't feed them so we were asked to take them. We started with four but one was not eating and did not thrive and she died the morning after we got her. But the other 3 are doing so good. They are eating, healthy, active and thriving. They love to follow us around and they baa at us whenever we come out of the house. This is such a fun experience for our kids! Pictures were taken by my mom. I always seem to have my hands full when we are with them.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hiking with my Hiking Buddy

 Janet and I have been hiking together for the last few weeks. The weather has been so beautiful. We have tried to find trails close to home and were able to go to Valentine Peak and the P-Hill.
Valentine Peak

 The P-Hill looking down on the town.
She invited us to go to Zion to hike Observation Point which is an 8 mile hike round trip. It is a lot of uphill and then a lot of downhill. It was a good hike and the kids did really well. The weather was perfect and the company was great! We soaked our sore feet in the cool stream at the bottom of the trail and that was a perfect end to the hike.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

 Our friend Janet puts on a HUGE Easter egg hunt with thousands of eggs. She invited us to come and it was definitely a fun experience. The kids collected about a hundred eggs each. Derrick even found a golden egg with $10 inside.

 KayDee and Maryn had fun dressing up as bunnies the whole time!

 Derrick was diving for eggs that had money in them.

 My nephew Zac got home from his mission and this is the first time we have seen him!
 My mom bought us some really cute dresses!
 And we were treated to dinner by my parents!
We went to Las Vegas to spend our spring break with my sister LeAnn. We had a good time lounging by the pool and taking a break. We also did a simple egg hunt for the cousins since it was also Easter weekend.