Saturday, July 28, 2012

24th of July

 The primary kids did a trek on pioneer day and walked almost 2 miles with 3 handcarts.

 They were rewarded with homemade scones at the pavilion by the church.


 Then they sang at the beginning of the program at the church.
 Derrick and Dani
 There was a pie auction after the program and Bree and I enjoyed seeing all the pies and wishing for different ones. When we got home I decided to make a fresh strawberry pie. I made the crust, pie and whipped the cream. It tasted really good too!

Summer Activities

 Derrick and KayDee communicating by tube.
I put the kids in two summer town activities. They did a theater workshop for two weeks and learned all sorts of things about how much work it takes to put on a play. They were in a short play they helped prepare at the end of the class.
They also did Karate for a week and LOVED it! They were breaking boards, throwing stars and winning prizes. They had a great time!

Camping At Timid Springs

 We were fortunate enough to go camping this year on Beaver Mountain even without the reunion. The reunion is scheduled for August so we invited people to come to this camping trip and Kevin's two brothers, Milt and Travis and families, came up to join us. Kevin's parents joined us for an evening too.
 It was so quiet and very enjoyable. The kids played and we cooked our meals together.

 Collecting bb's.
 We even ventured to the ice caves so we could make ice cream. The ice cream churned so long that it made butter too! The beaters had a nice layer on them but we didn't notice it in the ice cream itself. :)

We had such a good trip that we decided we would have to do it again next year.

4th of July

 Parade with Travis, Bree, Dani and Charleene; and DJ and Whitney.
 Races at the church. They got a quarter for each race. Here's KayDee's.

KayDee and Kaydee

These are two second cousins named the same. Our KayDee is holding Kaydee who is the daughter of Kevin's cousin Jackie and Justin.

Friday, July 27, 2012