Sunday, February 9, 2014

Samantha's 12th Birthday

Yes, we have a 12 year old at our house and she is definitely getting older. She had a great birthday and a party with her friends.

We gave a spotlight for her at New Beginnings so I will just paste it here so you can know how amazing she is!

New Beginnings Spotlight Samantha

Samantha has many interests. She dances with Sunshine Dance on the junior team and joins her brother and mom in karate lessons sometimes. She plays on a co-ed basketball team. She loves reading, writing stories and poems. Her 6th grade teacher enjoys her imagination and the talent she shows with each writing assignment. She likes to cook and has the opportunity to at least once a week to make dinner for her family. She is interested in Greek mythology and reads all the books she can about it, fiction and non-fiction. She loves music and plays flute, piccolo, piano and recorder, and also likes to sing. She enjoys dressing up and tumbling too.

Samantha’s favorite color is blue. She loves Taylor Swift music. Her favorite flavors are orange or grape for almost everything. Her favorite foods are sour cream and onion chips, bacon burgers, and apples. She loves babies.

At church she loves feeling the spirit, learning new lessons and achieving things. She likes reading scriptures, praying, and family home evening. She gives thoughtful lessons when it is her turn. She is very excited about being in Young Women’s.

Her goals are to be a teacher and a mom along with being a writer.

We love having Samantha in our home. She is full of energy and adventure. She is so willing to help and be responsible for her role in our family. She has become more thoughtful toward others and has also decided to be more responsible. She takes care of her jobs, homework and is very supportive of our family scripture study and prayers. We love Samantha and are so pleased with her desires to learn and grow and follow our Savior’s example. We are so grateful she is part of our family and we are grateful for the happiness she brings to all of us.