Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Memories of Babies

I just love the 3 month baby pictures. I actually have these pictures in my wallet and I still just want to eat them because they are sooo sweet. Our kids look amazingly different although you know they are sibblings. Derrick and KayDee's smiles and Sam's hair is always striking. It is still amazing how black Samantha's hair was and it had those black tips until we cut it when she was three. Fun memories.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Adventures in the Laub's Kitchen

I think I need to start writing a weekly article on this topic. This week we had adventure filled meals. We have our neighbor over for dinner every Monday because we have to give her two bean tacos a week in return for a really nice camp trailor, and we like her too. Kevin called to make sure she was coming 15 minutes before dinner should start and I realized I didn't have any tortillas. I have made them before and so I searched for the recipe book and never found it so I made it up. Now, most people know that I am not a gourmet cook but our food is always homemade. This being said, I don't know how to make-up recipes or spice things etc. I used a pita bread recipe and changed it A LOT so it would work as the tortilla recipe I remembered (or didn't remember) making 6 years ago. As I was making the tortillas Kevin remembered that fry bread is really great so we used the same dough to make fry bread. Now our neighbor is apparantly very adventurous and she was willing to try our creations of the night. She had never had fry bread and the tortillas definitely "didn't have enough salt" she mentioned. As I multitasked finding the deep fryer, preparing the fry bread and cooking my very interesting tortillas on the stove, Justin showed up with store bought tortillas and then I requested sour cream and immediately it was on my table.
Our neighbor tried the fry bread and decided the middle didn't taste good and so she rearranged her food to a store-bought tortilla and we successfully pulled off another night of 2 bean taco payments (with Justin and Rachel's help of course). And Justin and Rachel enjoyed our adventurous fry bread, interesting tortillas and store tortilla meal as well. I should mention that I did eat the interesting tortillas I cooked and they didn't taste too bad, but I am not a picky eater so what does that mean? Kevin really loved the fry bread.

My next adventure in the kitchen was pizza. I always make pizza-not gourmet but homemade. I am good at my recipe and we didn't have much time so I sent Kevin downstairs with the kids so I could make it quickly. Unfortunately I was going too fast and I turned to the wrong recipe. Thinking it wasn't quite the same but not having time to think, I started on it. Once I was more than half way down the recipe I knew something was wrong and I glanced to the last ingredient, which was flour. My regular recipe calls for 2 cups of flour and I normally double it to make 2 pizza's (one for Kevin, the other for us). This recipe called for 6 cups of flour and I doubled it so I needed 12 cups of flour. As I was laughing at the size of my bowl and how I was going to accomplish this quickly, I observed I had saved myself from making pizza dough for next time and the time after that, thanks to the freezer. Flour was puffing and my hands were covered in sticky globs of almost dough. I managed to see a lightbulb in my head to divide the mess and knead the dough separately. In the end my upper body hurts from kneading that much dough but dinner was served in good time.

Maybe these stories remind you of your kitchen.

(The picture is of Samantha when she was 2 years old in our kitchen in Pine Valley Townhomes)

Grocery Store

I had to put this one in. We went grocery shopping this evening and Kevin was with me (an unusual occurance), so he took the kids in one cart and I filled the other with food. Kevin had just found me, and the kids were piled in and around his cart. As I was gathering produce Derrick said to Kevin, "Mommy's shopping for food and Daddy's shopping for people".

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


7 Year Anniversary
We have been through 7 years already. I can't believe it, although we did need those seven years to give us three kids with proper timing. I can honestly say that I am definitely more in love with Kevin now than 7 years ago, and I am so grateful I am his wife. He is an amazing man that is always looking to the positive and wanting life to be better. Looking back to 2000, I don't think I could have imagined that we would live in a town with only main street, have a full driveway and I'd be Young Women's President with 3 small children. Although, I would never change it. The best part is that my Kevin loves me back as much as I love him.

Christmas 2007

We had a really blessed Christmas. Kevin's work was not consistant and finances were not ideal. Not to mention 3 of our cars broke in less than 3 days (I happened to be driving all 3). Many people showed us their love and concern, including family and friends. We had Secret Santa's give us bags of gifts and gift cards. I think this year our kids were officially spoiled. Thank you for making Christmas wonderful and less stressful!

We wanted to say Thank You!

KayDee's 18 month Photo Shoot

I love taking pictures of babies! They are always cute. It reminds me to get the camera out so I'll take pictures of all my kids.

Derrick is 4

He is soooo handsome! He is also very photogenic! For his birthday, we cleaned a tool box and some extra tools Kevin had and painted them red. When he started opening the gift he knew immediately that it was a tool box and started squeeling. Then Kevin told him there were tools in it and he was so excited that when we asked him if he wanted cake and ice cream, he said "I don't want any because I have to work".

Bottoms Up!

KayDee learned how much she liked soda pop. We were all entertained by her getting every last drop!