Friday, December 18, 2009

Spotlight on Derrick

Derrick made wings! One of his inventions.
Derrick wanted his hair "done" so we were having fun with gel and hair spray. His sisters always get their hair done and he was so pleased to have that hair attention.

Derrick's Birthday

Derrick has turned 6! We are so HaPpY! He is such a good boy and has such a good heart. He loves to invent things and received legos and an erector set to further his progress. He loves his kindergarten class and claims he can't read but he is sounding out words really well. He even writes to his Grandma Laub about once a week. We just need to keep boosting his confidence. He loves riding his bike, playing games, doing puzzles, coloring and pretends with his sisters really well, making sure he is the prince or the male role. He has been taking music lessons and does really well playing the piano. Derrick is helpful and considerate, and makes sure I don't forget things. We feel so blessed to have him in our home and love what he brings to our family.

Science Family Night

The elementary school had a family night and they did science projects.
Samantha writing with invisible ink (lemon juice and then you heat it to make it show up)
Derrick was being held up by Samantha's one finger. Fun balancing trick!
KayDee was stabbing potatoes with straws. Straws are stronger than we thought!

The one they liked the most was a candle they put underwater and it still burned. They used a mirror box and the kids were so amazed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just trying to catch up... Here is Halloween!
Sam's class
Derrick going around to each classroom for his kindergarten parade. KayDee got to go too, privilege of being little sister.
Kevin was the Cat in the Hat and KayDee was a PINK fairy
Derrick was a SWAT guy and was content to wear just the vest.
Samantha was a vampire princess.
And I was a witch but I had the camera so there are no pictures of me (typical)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good-Bye Kyler

The kids wanted to make sure we didn't forget Kyler so here is how he fit in our lives and what we loved about him.
We had Kyler since March 2009. He was a "drop-off" as most dogs are in our town. The kids were impressed because he listened to them, and Kevin chased him out of the yard because that is what we do to all the dogs. When I came home and saw him, I just about chased him out but then I realized he was the color, size and personality of dog we wanted. He adopted us since he immediately made himself at home on our back deck.He cowered at us for about two months, suggesting he was beaten by a previous owner, and when we would throw a ball or stick he would duck and hide. We found out he was not a needy dog but he did like to chase sticks and shread them. He loved to be pet and scratched anytime/anywhere and loved it so much you would think he was being massaged by a professional.
We only heard him bark once, because there were racoons in our nut trees. He found 6, which were taken out by Kevin soon after. He chased birds and squirrels, and loved to go on walks with us. Kyler was a great camping dog and very good at riding in the back of the truck.My favorite thing about Kyler was when we would get home and he would be so excited to see us, he would "talk" to us with his "wow owow" howl. It was so sweet! We enjoyed and loved him while he was with us, and he definitely loved us. The only thing we did not like was him leaving our yard during the night. Kyler was found dead yesterday morning, Dec 8,2009, next to our neighbor's house, with a bullet hole in his head right between the ears. We aren't sure who shot him but we are really sad he isn't here anymore. We loved our Kyler and we were glad to give him a good family for a little while!

Red Mountain Trail

We attempted to go on the Red Mountain Trail but were unable to finish since Justin and Rachel's jeep kept overheating. We did make it to the Snow Canyon overlook and had fun camping anyway. This just gives us another excuse to go again so we can complete the trail next time. A souvenir we drug for a while.
Justin and Rachel pampered us with some soda.
Our Camp
Kevin enjoying our camp.
Kids waiting for the mirror to be put back on. A branch swiped it off.