Monday, February 6, 2017

15 Years Old!

 Samantha spent her 15th birthday with the drill team performing at state. They did an awesome job and came away with 2nd place in all the dances and 2nd overall. Kevin and I drove up with the student bus as chaperones and Sam drove back with us. We had fun supporting her and her team!We celebrated her birthday the next day.

Samantha is a great teenager. We have loved her energy and her happiness. She enjoys pinterest with her friends and has texted more this year. She is still playing the piano and flute. She decided to start drawing again and still loves to read. She has enjoyed her year dancing with the drill team but plans to focus on music and drama next year. She helps at home with our rabbits and gets her chores done. She has cooked more this year and still loves to sing. She loves being unique even though it makes it hard to fit in sometimes. She got her braces off right before her birthday and loves the freedom retainers bring. We are looking forward to her getting her driving permit and continuing to learn and grow. She is a very good student and is getting straight A's as she enjoys most of her classes. She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and tries hard to make good choices. She enjoys going to the temple and seminary, which she said was a class that is priority to her.
We love Samantha and are so happy she is our daughter. She makes us smile and we love how she loves life. We enjoy her talents and learning from her.

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