Sunday, November 27, 2016

Derrick is officially a teen!

Derrick is now 13 and loved that his birthday was on Thanksgiving. He was so excited to have pumpkin pie for his cake. He had a friend party the Saturday before and they watched Star Wars Episode 1 with pizza, popcorn and rootbeer floats. I even attempted to make a cake that looked like a lego brick. They had a great time! Derrick and KayDee are having a light saber battle, a fun gift from one of his friends.
We really enjoy Derrick. He is a thoughtful son and is very responsible. He played soccer for the first time this year and really enjoyed it. He still likes wrestling and creating things. He obviously loves Star Wars and especially loves the lego sets. He is enjoying 7th grade, especially band and shop. He is playing the trumpet really well and still humors his mother by playing the piano. He and a friend would meet after school once a week to drive their remote control cars at the library. Derrick cooks really well and has enjoyed making pancakes over the last month. He has grown quite a bit and has finally exceeded his mother's height, and is 5ft 1in. His feet have been growing quickly too. I've had to go through his clothing and pull out all the pants that are now to his ankle (as the picture shows).
Derrick has really enjoyed scouting and is earning his awards faster than the other scouts in his troop. His leaders love his enthusiasm and so do we! Derrick works on the farm and has done a great job moving sprinklers this year. He will be ready to drive tractors in another year and a half. He has proven himself to be a good driver on the farm when his dad has needed his help.
Derrick likes going to church and loves that he has been able to pass the sacrament. He tries to make sure we get there in good time so he is not late to do it. He gives good family night lessons and plays the opening and closing songs on the piano when it is his turn. One thing he has really enjoyed is our Sunday family game night. When it is his turn to choose a game he always picks Monopoly even though his sisters and dad groan.
We love our Derrick and are so happy he is our son. He brings so much personality and love to our family.

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